With Jack Graham, Bill Fortney, Dan Westergren, Karen Hutton and Dan Bailey

• April 5-9, Great Smoky Mountains, Townsend, TN

• September 6-10, Portland, OR

Study and learn "on location" from a group of official FUJIFILM X-Photographers in these intensive, three and a half day workshops, set in the varied landscapes of the Great Smoky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest.

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be one of the instructors at both of the 2017 FUJIFILM X-PHOTOGRAPHERS NATURE and TRAVEL SUMMITS. These are going to be awesome learning opportunities for photographers of all skill levels, and I'm looking forward to sharing my photography knowledge and X Series expertise with you if you decide to join us! 

Sponsored by FUJIFILM and specifically designed for X Series shooters and people who are interested in the X Series, these workshops will teach you how to maximize your creativity and technical abilities with the Fuji system. 

Featuring Bill Fortney, Jack Graham, Dan Westergren, Karren Hutton and myself, you'll learn a wide range of photography methods and techniques from each of us and get firsthand instruction about how we use the specific features of the Fuji cameras in our own image making.

Through a combination of field sessions, presentations, image reviews and talks about a wide range of photography topics, you'll learn not just how to expand your photography abilities, but how to make use of the specific tools and features found on the Fuji cameras. 

In addition to the set itinerary presentations, there will be plenty of opportunity for personal, one-on-one time with all of the instructors and informal time to chat and get to know not only the instructors, but the other attendees, as well. One of my favorite aspects of the this year's Great Smoky Mountains Photography Summit was making so many new friends!

Also, there will be FUJIFILM technical reps and other personnel on hand to provide loaner equipment, enhance your learning experience and answer any questions (or give your own feedback) about the X Series gear. There will even be some free giveaways!

With two separate summits; spring in the Great Smoky Mountains and early fall in the Pacific Northwest, these events promise beautiful scenic locations to practice your skills and learn from a dedicated group of professional photographers and workshop leaders. 

If you're an X Series shooter or if you're curious about the Fuji system, and you want the chance to learn from me and a small handful of other working pro Fuji shooters​, then I highly recommend attending one or both of these summits. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


  • Group Size: Max of 60 Photographers at each summit.
  • April 5-9, 2017: Great Smoky Mountains
  • September 6-10, Portland, OR
  • Price: $699 USD


  • Photography instruction specifically geared towards FUJIFILM X Series shooters. 
  • Exclusive and intensive, multi-day learning opportunity in a beautiful setting.
  • Field sessions, group presentations and personal image reviews.
  • Lots of time for informal, on-on-one interaction with the instructors.
  • Professional instruction in small group settings from 4 professional outdoor and travel shooters, all offficial FUJIFILM X Photographers 
  • FUJIFILM X Series cameras and lenses for you to try out.
  •   ITINERARY   
  •   WHAT WiLL I Learn?   
  • Image Reviews
  • instructors
  • Lodging

Each day will begin with a morning field session in any number of beautiful landscape settings, followed by a late morning presentation. After lunch, there will be 2-3 afternoon seminars that will feature any number of topics, and a feature evening presentation by one of the four instructors. In the evening, there will be lots of downtime for informal one-on-one time with the instructors and other attendees.  

Each of the X-Photographers will give at least two focused presentations during the summit, and you'll also see demonstrations by the FUJIFILM staff that will range from technical aspects and creative use of the X Series gear.


  • All classroom sessions
  • Feature presentations
  • Image reviews
  • FUJIFILM X Series loaner gear and demos
  • Guided field sessions
  • Opportunities for one-on-one time with each of the instructors and FUJIFILM tech reps
  • Dedicated X Series instruction and support
  • The promise of amazing learning opportunites


  • Travel/transportation to the summit locations
  • Personal camera gear
  • Lodging
  • Meals and alcoholic beverages
  • Any guarantees of perfectly clear weather

Testimonials From Dan's Past Photography Workshop Participants

“This trip exceeded my most optimistic expectations. Dan Bailey, who guided our tour, proved to be a great choice. His experience and advice are hard to find. Without a doubt this is the best photo workshop I have ever done (and I’ve done a few).”
Peter Davies

“This workshop went way above my expectations. The location was incredible. The entire trip was perfectly organized and orchestrated. Most importantly Dan Bailey made this an exciting adventure within a workshop. I found Dan to be a patient, open-minded instructor that gave us all an opportunity to up our game with an amazing location and professional guidance.
Jack Nitowitz

“An excellent adventure coupled with superb instruction from Dan Bailey. Dan has an enthusiasm for all things Photog that is infectious. Through his guidance, I was able to identify a major element in my approach to photography that was restricting my creative eye. Thank you Dan! I returned from this workshop with a newfound confidence.
Dave Plant

I Hope You Can Join Us!

Whether your interest lies with landscape, nature photography or travel adventure styles, these brand new FUJIFILM X- PHOTOGRAPHER SUMMITS promise an unmatched opportunity to learn from me and a handful of other pro Fuji shooters.

As I said above, these summits are limited to only 60 participants, so don't wait too long to decide! I really hope you can join us! Please email me if you have any questions.

To reserve your spot, clic the button below and you'll be taken to the registration page on the official FUJIFILM X-PHOTOGRAPHERS TRAVEL and NATURE SUMMITS website.