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Pro Photography Tips right on your iOS Device

Capturing Landscapes is full of photography tips designed to help you shoot better, more dynamic images of the natural world, whether you use a DSLR, a mirrorless camera, or with the amazing current mobile technologies that are available on mobile devices.

The app features around 30 of my favorite images in that style, as well as detailed “behind-the-scenes” info for every one of the shots. In addition to full camera, lens, ISO, and exposure data, I’ve included a specific technical and/or compositional tip for each photo that highlights exactly what I did, or what I looked for in order to make the shot come alive.


The app also features an insider’s look at my Gear Bag, which includes a full list of the current equipment I use, although the included images span from nearly two decades of work and a variety of different cameras. The app is self contained, so you don’t need an internet connection to run them.

Please note, that since the app use some of the latest mobile technology, they require iOS 8 to run them. I realize that not everyone has upgraded to iOS 8, but for what it’s worth, I upgraded my iPhone 4S so I could preview my apps and so far I’ve had no problems. They run fine.

The bottom line is that it feels the same for all of us when we see an exciting convergence of light and moment in the viewfinder and we’re able to click the shutter at just the right time, so I’m more than happy to share my experience and insight with you.

My apps are available at the Apple iTunes Store, so either click the link below or search the iTunes store for Dan Bailey Photography. I hope you enjoy them!

Capturing Landscapes – Dan Bailey Photography

Capturing Landscapes – Dan Bailey Photography – for the iPad and iPhone – is an interactive education app that features detailed photo information written by an internationally published outdoor photographer. While flipping through the screens using Flip Book technology, you’ll view a stunning collection of Dan’s favorite landscape images, and gather photo tips along the way that help you get shots like these.

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