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Dan Bailey has been a full time adventure sports and outdoor photographer since 1995. Before turning pro, he worked as a photo editor for a Boston stock agency, which gave him a solid understanding of how to communicate with art directors and produce the kind of stunning, high quality imagery that today's highly visual world demands.

Dan strives to create dynamic imagery that shows the power and mystery of the greater scene. His style captures the intensity, the personalities and the relationships of his subjects as they interact with the natural world and test the limits of their skills and endurance, or as they simply live their lives off the beaten path.

His shooting style can be defined as a cross between the raw immersion of first person photojournalism and the focused creativity of  high-end commercial photography. Dan's own passion for adventure often places him right alongside his subjects as he documents the unfolding scene and searches for the perfect image. In that way, his photography has become a vehicle for a life of exploration as he works to photograph expeditions, cultures and landscapes around the world.

Wth strong technical expertise, a tremendous level of energy and a true dedication to his craft, Dan will work hard to create the most dynamic images possible. He'll often move around during a shoot in order to find the best vantage point, which might have him hunkering down in the dirt or snow, climbing to a location above the scene, or running a few miles down the trail with his pack full of camera gear. In short, there is almost no limit to how far he'll go to get "The Shot."

Throughout the past fifteen years, Dan has worked with many top clients and has licensed his work through ten different stock agencies. He teaches photography online through The Compelling Image and writes articles about photography for The Photoletariat, as well as for his own blog.

A Colorado native, Dan currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska where he enjoys deep powder, long arduous treks in the mountains and good microbrews.

He also makes loud guitar noises and flies airplanes. (Click the images below for more info.)
guitar fly airplanes

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