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eBook Affiliate Program

If you would like to earn money by recommending my eBooks to other photographers, I offer 40% commission on all affiliate sales.

Here's how to sign up for the program:

1. Visit e-junke.com and sign up as an affiliate. (It's free.)

2. Once you've created your affiliate account, log into your "Affiliate Admin" page and click on the "Get Affiliate Code" link.

3. Under "Select Merchant" choose "Dan Bailey Photography."

4. Copy the Hop Link Code for my affiliate program into your website, blog or social media site.

Anyone who clicks on that link, which takes you to my product page, and buys one of my eBooks will earn you the 40% commission. Payments to affiliates are made via PayPal within two weeks after the end of the sales month. There is no minimum. I'll pay you even if you refer only one eBook in a single month.

Of course, I highly recommend that you read my eBooks before you recommend them. This is not necessary, but having first hand knowledge of the information that I provide in my eBooks will allow you to make a better recommendation, which will likely lead to more success in your referrals.

See the Photography eBooks that I offer.

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