Waiting for the Weather

Another lesson rescheduled for the weather.┬áSo far, I think I’ve actually had twice as many lessons scheduled than I’ve actually flown, and half of those times I made it all the way out to the airport only to see a layer of low fog roll in as I’m preflighting the plane. Such is the way of flying, I’m quickly learning, and no place is that more true than here in Alaska.

I’ve known that all along, though, having sat many days in Talkeetna waiting for the weather to clear so that I could be flown into the Alaska Range. The weather can change rapidly here, and it’s not always very predictable. And it can be very localized. The fog seems to hang over Merrill Field some days when it’s clear almost everywhere else in town.

I guess that’s what keeps it interesting, and what makes it so special here, because when it’s good, it’s REALLY good.

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