Meet Dan Bailey

I’ve been a full time adventure, travel and location photographer since 1996. Before turning pro, I worked as a photo editor for a Boston stock agency, which gave me a solid understanding of how to communicate with art directors and produce the kind of stunning, high quality imagery that today’s highly visual world demands.

I strive to create dynamic imagery that shows the power and mystery of the greater scene with a style that can be defined as a cross between the raw immersion of first person photojournalism and the focused creativity of high-end commercial photography. My goal is to capture the intensity, the personalities and the relationships of my subjects as they interact with the world, whether they’re testing the limits of their skills and endurance, working in various environments or simply living their lives off the beaten path.

I have diverse experience, a tremendous level of energy and a true dedication to my craft, and I will work hard to create the most dynamic images possible. I love experimenting to find the right vantage point, gear or creative solution to create my imagery, and given the chance, I’ll often hunker down in the dirt or snow, climb to a location above the scene, or run a few miles down the trail with a pack full of camera gear. In short, there is almost no limit to how far I’ll go to get “The Shot.”

Throughout the past fifteen years, I have worked with many top clients and have licensed my work through ten different stock agencies. I lead photography workshops and teach online through The Compelling Image, and I’m the author of a number of photography eBooks and two print books that were published in 2015.

I’m a official Fujifilm X Photographer, a Photoflex Pro Showcase Photographer, and I’m also sponsored by Lowepro and Lumiquest.

A Colorado native, I currently live in Anchorage, Alaska where I enjoy deep powder, long arduous treks in the mountains and good microbrews.

I also fly a little yellow taildragger and have an endless fascination for guitars. Especially Fender Stratocasters.