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Hi... This is my music page!

I've been playing guitar for longer than I've been a photographer. I'm not even afraid to admit that music is my first true love, and if I had to choose... well, thankfully, I don't have to.

A lifelong rock and roll fan, my journey with guitar begin when a friend loaned me a Yamaha acoustic guitar when I was fifteen. I bought my first electric (a 1984 Squier Bullet) when I was sixteen, which of course, fueled my dreams of becoming a rock star. 

At age 20, I ran off to Berklee College of Music in Boston, where I earned a degree in Music Production and Recording Engineering. I bought my first real camera while I was at Berklee, and by the time I graduated, I realized that I was better suited to a career that involved being outside, instead of sitting in windowless recording studios and smoky bars. I did a few of live sound gigs around Boston and worked at two recording studios before committing myself to photography. 

The rest is pretty much history...

However, I never lost my love for music and recording, and during the past twenty years, I've continued to write and record my own music and play at the occasional blues jam and open mic.

This page is devoted to my music and guitar pursuits, and it's where you can listen to and purchase my music, and read about my geeky exploits with guitars and recording stuff. 

You can also read my new music blog here.

Thanks for your visit, I hope you enjoy my songs and videos!

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