Anchorage to Seward, past Exit Glacier

Flight time: 1.2 hours

I had the opportunity to help shuttle one of the Civil Air Patrol C172’s from Anchorage to Seward yesterday evening. Being my first time flying in a CAP plane, I flew with Chet Harris as my copilot. There are a couple of possible routes, one that follows the Seward highway, and one that goes over Hope and Resurrection pass. Due to possible turbulence over the Turnagain Arm, we chose to fly south to Skilak Lake, and then follow the valley on the other side of Resurrection pass souteast all the way to Seward.

The weather was a little bit hazy over the Kenai Peninsula, but otherwise clear and great for VFR flying. Along the way we passed over some incredible terrain and had excellent views of the Harding Ice Field and Exit glacier. As someone who is relatively new to living in Alaska, this is a great way to scope out some of the objectives that I’d like to explore further on foot and bike and get an idea of where things are in relation to each other.

Overall, the flight went great, although coming into Seward, I came in a little high and fast on my base and final turns to runway 30 and had to do a go around. My second attempt was even still a bit fast and I ate up quite a bit of runway before landing. I just didn’t execute a great pattern. Also, I’m not used to having a copilot, and it will take me a bit of time to get used to having someone help with the radios while I fly the plane. Just need more practice.

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