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I bought your Outdoor Photography Essentials course and follow you to learn more about Fuji gear... Pictures you provide are fantastic. You do a variety of pictures, sports, landscape, so it is interesting.

It is a great site with a lot of information for different type of photography.

Pascal Delaunay

Great write-up. Thanks Dan. I wished I'd discovered this blog earlier. I'm essentially into the same type of photography as you and must say, made pretty much exactly the same decisions as you regarding gear, based on cost, weight and size. Thanks again.


Well written in easy to read and understand style. Good practical information. You explain technical information well and it is fun to read the information and look at the photos you share. Your enthusiasm is appealing as well.

Wendy Chapman

Lots of great practical outdoor shooting info. Great real-world gear tips. Dialing in your setting for my XT 1 has allowed me to shoot faster and more accurately.

Malcolm Daly

Taking Photos Since 1947 - Interests Extreme Macro /Travel/Landscapes/Nature.

Always Learn something From your Articles...I have recommended your Newsletter to all the members of my Camera Club.

Dave Meadows

I have been shooting photos for approx 50 years... I have recommended your newsletter to students that I attend class with.

Bruce Mac Donald

In the last year I switched from being a Canon shooter to Fuji. Your ebooks and newsletter have been helpful in making the transition to the new gear. Your blogs and newsletters also provide escape. To think about something I love to do when I am unable to actually get out and do it.

I would recommend your blog or newsletter to anyone that is interested in landscape or wildlife photography especially a Fuji shooter. It is also great for those of us who work regular jobs, and can't get out every day. To be able to live vicariously through you. To aspire to do a high level of work in really beautiful places.

David Brush

I’ve enjoyed everything else so much I look forward to your next adventure or review. Please keep up the good work, and know that there are many of us reading your blog without saying anything, but deeply appreciate your time and effort."


Outstanding, Dan. Great post and moving images. Thank you.

Dennis Mook

I've been following your blog for the past few weeks ever since I started thinking about moving to Fuji. Thanks for sharing the photos and field reports!


I first found found your blog a little over three years ago when I was looking into replacing my Nikon D80. I read your opinions on Fujifilm cameras and they helped convince me that I should replace the D80 with an X-Pro 1. I read about how you use Fujifilm cameras, your ideas on composition and using cameras outdoors, and incorporated some of them into my own approach.

Your overview of lenses has helped me to develop ways to cover different photographic situations...Your approach to photography outdoors is creative, helpful and well explained in your writing.

Kevin James

Thank you for keeping me posted. Getting inspired is one of the best feelings, it fuels my creativity! Can't wait for your next newsletter!"


Awesome advice and tips... made me realize that I CAN take better photos, and that made a big difference. It's an absolutely inspiring comment and the photos with it are motivational and inspirational.


Hi Dan,

Thanks for posting this, as always very informative!
take care,

Robert Faubert

Outstanding Dan. If it weren't for you I could have probably bought a couple more bicycles. Thanks for all the guidance and encouragement.

Patrick McGownd

You always encourage me to go out and take pictures acually. Thank you for posting.


Excellent hands-on review. Thank you!

Karin Nelson

Hi Dan!
Your pictures are great! almost as great as your adventures 🙂



Fantastic story and exceptional photos Dan! Your adventurous spirit is a huge inspiration for us all to get out there and see these amazing places and make some extraordinary photographs while we're at it.

Anne McKinnell

Hi Dan. Thanks ever so much for all of the comments you have made here. Keep up the good work and all the best from Wales.

Peter Morris

You are in my top 4 camera web sites. I look at your web site at least every week. I have recommended you to friends who have enjoyed your blog even more than me.

Composition is not a natural gift of mine, but your work has challenged and inspired me, and I think I'm getting better. Crazy inspiration! Sound practical advice. Objective analysis. Helpful.

Andrew Leask

I am primarily a landscape photographer and use a Fuji system. Your discussion of settings in the Fuji tips ebook gave a nice perspective of using the features in the last big software update. Reprogramming a function button to be an additional playback was very helpful. I do make use of the histogram routinely, but with no zebras on the Fuji prior to exposure, having the Fn2 set to playback lets me toggle for a quick highlight check without changing hand positions.

Craig Marvil

I have enjoyed photography since I was a teenager (now more than 50 years ago) and have taken up the hobby again now that I have retired.

I found your pdf guide on lenses very interesting and look forward to following some of the examples that you give. It is very useful to have tips ad guidance from a seasoned professional.

John Whenham

Thanks for this, Dan. Your blogs are always incredibly helpful and interesting.

Nancy de Flon

Long standing nature photographer. Have been on multiple Africa safaris (approx 15) and your enthusiasm for the X series encouraged me to only take Fuji on the last trip.

I read your newsletters with interest and try and implement many of your suggestions. Some of your recommendations for menu settings and discussion of AF have been invaluable. Enthusiastic and down to earth writing. You do a very good job.

Jack Gluckman

A great reminder, even for those of us who have made big changes and steered our lives in the direction we have chosen. Sometimes we still fall back into our old habits, the old paradigm of toiling away unnecessarily... It's important to always be aware of it and maintain the balance to ensure you are still living the life you have chosen.

Anne McKinnell

Enjoyed your class and love your work! Thank you for your blog and teaching!


Dan, your enthusiasm is a big inspiration. I edit a magazine on Flipboard, called Digital Camera 101, with 25,000 followers. From time to time, I flip an article of yours into the magazine. I think what you have to say -- or show -- is great stuff for those who want to learn.

Reminds one of the beauty that surrounds us, but we have to recognize it.

John Kerans

I'm an enthusiastic landscape, action and wedding shooting... really inspiring and I'm very excited if one of your newsletters is coming out to see what's going on.

It's definitely the style of your pictures. Personally I like your book about action- and outdoor sports photography - that influenced me really much.

Bernd Pfann

What a great and interesting post. This could be the solution that I need. Thank you for taking the time to put together this post. -Ian

Jonelle Humble

Congrats @Danbaileyphoto! Your blog has been selected as one of the Top 100 Photography blogs on web by @_feedspot https://t.co/EBucKVtxaY

Feedspot Blog

Your images have inspired me.


I would call myself an experienced amateur 🙂 Several years of experience in mainly nature, landscapes, outdoors etc.

I like the communication that you share. I have similar interests to you and enjoy reading your tweets, reading about your travels and adventures.

Basically Dan I think you are doing a great job - Thanks Neil

neil dolman

Hi Dan - I just discovered your site. Really interesting stuff. From my reading, you are one of the first people I've seen who actually gets happy about this lens - and that makes me happy because you are using it in actual real world and not taking photos of rulers. Thanks and all the best with your shooting.


Always interesting and informative!

Ian Masters

You are definetly a pro. You're focused and understand you don't really have to many chances to get a shot you want. You have also made me more meticulous in planning photo trips.

Albert Capizzo

The fact that you, Dan, take the time to share your experiences, expertise and photography with others is so very much appreciated. And offer it for free. Wow ! I respect that very much.

Thank-you so very much for sharing.

John LeClair

You're costing me money again Dan Bailey :-). Another great review. Thanks.


Your Fuji tips post make a great difference to how I used the x-trans...I have flicked various of your posts to folk I know would find them valuable.

It's the small tips that make a real difference. Stuff like having several loops of gaffer tape around a tripod leg - just in case. Or packing light for bushwalking but so you can cover a lot of what the wild country can throw at you. Those are the things that really help [me].


Seeing your work and reading over numerous posts has pushed me to get out and to go further from home to experience places.

In the posts and blogs I've read and noticed, you give a small glimpse into your work but actively encourage others to respond.

Michael Gallacher

Not a huge fan of newsletters, but @Danbaileyphoto newsletter is far the best. Even if I already read the articles I still read it.

Marius Peter

Hi Dan,
Congratulations! I don't normally comment ... but 2 million page views is a big deal! I figure it's about time I thank you as I generally check your website every week or so. Please keep up the good work, and know that there are many of us reading your blog without saying anything, but deeply appreciate your time and effort. Congrats again and hopefully you'll hit 5 million even sooner! Cheers!



First your photos are great. Second your tips and teachings are easy to understand, follow and put into practice. Your books and blog always seem to have some tip that I did not think of.

Peter Drellick

Practical advice packaged in enthusiam and accessibility. You bridging the gap between you as a professional, and the rock face where the rest of us toil!

I loved the advice to zero in on the most important point of a photo. This made a huge impact on me. Sounds so simple but is actually profound and so useful.

Helen Logan

I am one of those people from dark room days who recently realized that my creative side/spirit is important to me and my well being...and so have started to learn about the digital world of photography. I find the language of the technology the most frustrating aspect.

Just signed up to your newsletter. People like me need the insights you have to offer... I really appreciate people like you who offer up their time to teach...knowing that you might not get anything in return...you are providing a valued service and hope to be able to workshop participant some time in return. many thks...Jim

no comment yet

jim mcelroy

...a source of information and inspiration...you are an interesting read!

Your reviews of Fuji equipment helps me in making equipment choices!

Mike Gorman

You can't really be a follower without being enthused by your enthusiasm for photography. For me it's helped me just get out and do it, no matter what the weather.

I recently sent an email regarding tips in using wide angle lenses and must admit quick surprise it was actually YOU responding and not perhaps a staff assistant. This has spurred me "onward" to enjoy, learn, do my best and enjoy, enjoy and again enjoy while I am able.

Mark Tozer

Are you for real??!? Your post is absolutely amazing! What an epic! I've been following you for a while but that knik-glacier-bikepacking story is the best read I had for months on the web! And by the way, your pictures are just gorgeous.

Eric (Japan)

No nonsense, practical approach which is centred around experience rather than specifications. Making photography within everyone's grasp not just for an elite few. A definite 'get out there and give it a go' attitude.

Very readable,full of information without getting bogged down in unnecessary detail! If I didn't think the balance was right I would unsubscribe. I have not mentioned your generosity, not just with the time (which must be considerable), you devote to writing the blog and newsletter, but with goodies such as you're books. I will take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you.

Roger Sinclair

Reading your newsletter has motivated me to read your blog and get more detail or depth on topics you write about. I read your blog looking to find motivation and inspiration to get out and shoot more pictures.

Jeff Harmer

Aerial photo of the Kenai Mountains at sunset in winter, Alaska

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  1. Thanks Dan for the comparison. I’m just a guy who likes to take pictures and want to learn more about it. I was about to buy the D90 and now after reading what you have found out for yourself I’ve I’m thanking I should consider the D7000. You don’t think thats too much camera for a beginner do you? I am a guy that likes good tools,equipt or whatever.

  2. Dave, thanks for your comment. If you were seriously considering the D90, then by all means, I’d say go with the D7000 Like I pointed out, it’s a huge jump in technology for a relatively small jump in price. And no, I wouldn’t say it’s too much camera for a beginner, it’s a great camera that’s on it’s way in, and not on it’s way out.

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