Here is a list of the main gear that I personally use in my photography business. Most of it has been been put to the test in rigorous conditions, and sometimes literally dragged through the dirt during my career as a pro adventure and outdoor photographer. What can I say, this equipment has worked for me, maybe some of it will work for you.

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SB-910 Lighting Gear



  • Dan, how do you keep your batteries warm while shooting in the winter? Mine seem to die very quickly while in the camera causing me to exchange them often.

  • Dan Bailey says:

    Mark, I always keep a spare battery or two in a warm pocket close to my body, or sometimes right in my glove or mitten. As one battery starts to get sluggish, I quickly swap it out with a fresh one and re-warm the dying one. Often times it will spring back with some life as it warms back up. Sometimes this cycle can keep you going for quite awhile. The key is to have fully charged batteries when you start.

  • Rob Sylvan says:

    Grab some of those chemical hand warmers and keep an activated one in the pocket with the spare batteries too.