My Photography Workshops and Photo Tours


I don’t currently have any in-person photography workshops or events scheduled for 2022-23, but new trips and courses will show up here when they become available, so be sure and bookmark this page. You can see my presentation and in-store workshops here.

If you’re curious about my teaching style, read some testimonials from past students


I teach online photography lessons, inducing my highly-regarded mentorship course, “Photography On The Brain.” This unique, in-depth instructional series offers a unique and personal instructional opportunity to learn photography from an engaging, thought-provoking approach.

These short, concise lessons are designed to inspire, get you thinking more deeply about aspects like creativity, approach, method, technique, composition and vision, and motivate you to try and apply these concepts to your own image making.

Many of these concepts will be similar to what I feature on my blog, but instead of writing them down, I’ll expand on them in first person with my own voice. I’ll be talking to you directly and showing you image examples to illustrate. This will allow a unique learning experience for you, because you’ll get much more personal and in-depth style of instruction.

If you sign up for the “WORKSHOP LEVEL” Tier, you’ll receive an invite to join our private forum where you can ask me questions directly, share your own imagery and continue these conversations with me and your fellow participants. This gives you an opportunity to enjoy an even more comprehensive learning experience.

Read more about my Photography On The Brain series here, and see what other people say about my teaching style. 


Shoot stunning aerial photos of a massive Alaska glacier. Includes a glacier landing where you get to walk around and explore the amazing landscape of ice and rock up close. Or you can do a “helicopter-assisted Photo Hike”, and even combine it with a glacier landing. Year-Round. See more info about these workshops here.


Enjoy a half-day or full-day custom tour to photograph Alaska brown bears in Lake Clark National Park or the famed Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park. Not only do you get to view and photograph the bears from a relatively close vantage point and watch them interact in their natural, wild environments, you’ll have a private photo guide who will help you get the best possible photos from your trip. See more info about these workshops here.

Private & Custom Photography Guiding and Instruction


Want to ramp up your photography skills with private mentoring? I offer one-on-one, personal instruction with over 20 years of teaching experience and knowledge as a working pro. I can do seminar & on-location instruction for you or your small group on a variety of photographic topics including but not limited to: taking better photos no matter where you are, stock photography, becoming a professional photographer, marketing, copyright and more.

I can also put together a custom photo tour or instructional workshop that fits with your time frame and budget. Whether it’s a short photo hike, an all day bear viewing photo tour, a helicopter aerial photography tour with a glacier landing and time on the ice, or any number of other options, I’d love to work with you and help you take your photography to the next level.

Please contact me directly for more info.