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I’ve just released a brand new eBook called ZEN PHOTOGRAPHER: Turning Your Passion into Focus. It’s an 81-page collection of essays and photographs that are designed to ignite your imagination, inspire creativity and generally fill your brain with rock solid tips, insight and advice – advice that can save you time and prevent you from making many common mistakes as you travel along on your own photography path.

You love photography.

We have that in common. You also recognize that there’s no end in sight when it comes to how much you can learn about being a photographer.

I’m right there with you. No matter if you’re a hobbyist who merely strives to make amazing photos for pure pleasure, an aspiring pro trying to break into the industry, or if you’ve been working at it for a few years and are struggling to move past that initial hump, you know full well that you’ve signed on for the long haul.

We’re talking the rest of your life if you stick with it. Pretty exciting thing if you think about that concept, because it means you can always look forward to learning something new every time you pick up the camera.

However, in order to stay focused and keep our passion high, we sometimes need a few tips and intellectual tidbits that can help guide us along and save us some time and trouble. Usually, we look for those tips from people who’ve been there before; people who have been through the trials and have found success.

ZEN PHOTOGRAPHER is a collection of essays, photographs and insight that have been pulled from my 22 years as a photographer, 17 of those I’ve spent as a working pro in a very tough industry. My goal with this book is to help you turn your passion for photography into a dedicated focus and reduce some of the bumps along your own journey.

Consider ZEN PHOTOGRAPHER a well-rounded education from someone who dove in head first many years ago, fought his way to the surface and is still swimming in an ocean of very big waves.

There’s something for everyone in this book, regardless of style, ability, gear or pro/amateur status, because it’s not about hardcore technical information that’s specifically targeted to one level or another. It’s about ideas, concepts, approach, methods and general attitudes towards photography and the craft of image making, whether for fun or profit.

Here’s an excerpt from the foreword, which was written by a professional photo industry editor who also happens to be an amateur enthusiast photographer. She found the book to be highly motivational and useful on both levels.

“This book conveys the true energy of Dan. It is honest, straightforward, inspiring, and—quite frankly—a motivational kick in the butt. The pages you are about to read are a culmination of years of photo journaling, self-teaching, ups and downs, and epiphanies that Dan has kept track of and is now able to share with photographers asking similar questions in an ever-changing industry. 

You’ll learn very quickly some of the life and business lessons that Dan had to learn the hard way on his career path… You’ll read this book over and over if you start to feel stuck or lazy. I hope your camera battery is charged because you’ll want to run out and shoot immediately after consuming these honest and open thoughts from Dan. Listen to him.”

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“There are plenty of books out there covering photography technique and gear.   Zen Photographer is something completely different.  Dan has written an inspirational guide that speaks to novices and professionals alike.  In many places, the word “photography” could be replaced with any other pursuit, because it’s really about unleashing creativity and realizing the confidence to pursue one’s passion.  It’s the perfect antidote to those dark voices that say, “I can’t because…” – Jody Overstreet

“I’ve [read] hundreds of photography books and manuscripts for beginners, pros and all levels in-between, [and] they’re often written from an “I’m up here and you’re down there” standpoint. Dan’s humble words come from the heart – with a sense of camaraderie – like you are sitting down for coffee with a friend who has been there, done that, and want’s to make sure you stay on your personal A game, no matter what your game is.” – Cara St. Hilaire