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20 Simple Tips for Stronger Images

Creative Photography Techniques is a collection of 20 simple tips that will help you break out of that creative rut and throw some new excitement into your photography. They’re designed to get you thinking actively about your image making process, because making powerful photographs should never be a passive activity.

These 20 tips are all short, concise and easy to remember, and they clearly outline necessary elements that are needed to produce a great image. They’re not meant to be hard set rules, they’re meant as ideas to help inspire you to begin experimenting with your own photography.

Each technique is illustrated with three image examples that let you see how it can be applied to a subject. Topics covered include light, color, composition, vantage points, using different lenses and many more.

No matter if you’re shooting landscapes, nature, people, action, sports, adventure, cityscapes, street scenes, your kid’s soccer game, or faraway landmarks in exotic locations around the world, these techniques will help you create more dramatic imagery and improve your outdoor and nature photography.

Even if you already know all of these techniques, reviewing them again and seeing how they apply with someone else’s imagery might give you new insight on how to apply a specific technique to your own subject matter.

Need an easy jump-start to your image making? Give Creative Photography Techniques a try!

75 pages