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300 Pages of Detailed Info and Advanced Techniques

One reviewer called it “a page turner!”

The difference between getting the shot and missing the shot comes down to split seconds and how you manage your gear and your technique. In Outdoor Action and Adventure Photography, I show you how to react quickly to unfolding scenes and anticipate how the subject and the background might converge. Capturing those significant moments to produce powerful imagery that evoke the feel and mood of adventure requires specialized skills and a wide variety of creative ideas.

This book teaches photographers how to think geometrically and how to pull together the elements that make for a successful shot, all while being immersed in the action. The practical manual will improve your technique for creating more compelling adventure imagery, whether you’re shooting ultra-marathoners splattered in mud, rock climbers in a crevasse, or mountain bikers hurtling past you.

In this book, you’ll:

• Discover the necessary equipment for shooting action, learn how to use it to its full potential, and develop a comprehensive adventure photography camera system that you can adapt to different shooting situations.

• Learn specific techniques and creative ideas that help you freeze the moment and create images that convey excitement, mood, and the feel of adventure.

• Learn advanced skills that can help you start defining your own particular style of action photography and create a “brand” of photography that’s based around your passion and your vision.

• Examine case studies that break down the process for shooting different types of action subjects and see the nuts and bolts of how to create powerful imagery from start to finish.

Between the quality of the paper stock, the cover and the layout, the finished product looks and feels very professional. Inside, the colors and image reproductions look awesome. The designers and printers did an amazing job, and every single image appears exactly as I would have hoped they would.

Being my first print book, I feel an incredible sense of pride and accomplishment to see this project come to fruition.I spent well over a year compiling notes, writing, revising, editing and proofing the text, and I can say that this book covers a thorough extent of my outdoor photography knowledge, at least up until the time it went to press, (I like to think that I’m always evolving and learning new techniques all the time).

It outlines methods and techniques that I’ve practiced and developed during the nearly 20 years I’ve worked as a pro photographer, and it includes just about every technique I use in my style shooting.

These are the methods that have gotten me where I am today, and I feel I’ve presented them in a very easy-to-understand style that will be easy for anyone to digest and apply to their own photography.

And it’s not just the hardcore stuff, these techniques can be used by anyone! At 300 pages, and nearly 60,000 words, there’s a massive amount of photography instruction in here. It contains advice on gear, technical tips, compositional ideas and in-depth insight, and I even talk about how to get the most from mirrorless cameras, which I feel is very up-to-date since I’ve transitioned entirely to shooting with the Fuji X cameras during the past year.

I also included a “Going Pro” chapter and a “Pro Profiles” section that contains photos and interviews with 6 working photographers: Corey Rich, Matt Trappe, David Clifford, Dan/Janine Patitucci, Jay Goodrich and Trevor Clark. These are all shooters who have found success in a very tough industry and they have some great insight to share.

Outdoor Action and Adventure Photography is available at Amazon at a special price. If you live in Europe, you can purchase it at the Amazon UK Store.

As proud as I am to see my work in print, I’m even more excited to share my knowledge and experience with you in this format. I feel I have a lot to teach newer/younger/emerging photographers, and books are still an ideal way to get the information across, so I hope you’ll check it out.

I recently finished your book on Outdoor Action & Adventure Photography. Great job! I really enjoyed it and pulled actionable information out to apply to my career. As an emerging adventure photographer this book was exactly what I needed to fuel my passion, focus my efforts and guide me through the nuances of the business. It comes highly recommended!!

Joshua Kasumovic

Are you an aspiring and emerging photographer? If you are, then this book is for you! Author Dan Bailey, has done an outstanding job of writing a book where the techniques and insight, were pulled directly from nearly 18 years of him working as a full-time pro and teaching other photographers.

From selecting the right equipment, to refining your eye and technique, this excellent book shows you how to capture motion, emotion, and moments that convey the true sense of adventure for whatever sport you like to shoot. This great book also includes a wide variety of subject matter and equipment, partly because it reflects the diversity of what the author shoots; but, also because the author recognizes that everyone has a unique style of dealing with their gear, working within their scene, directing their models and yes, living the outdoor life.


This is a fantastic book, doesn't matter your skill level, you will take away plenty. The layout is great for us visual learners, tons of example photos and in depth instruction. A must have on your photography bookshelf!


Overall - a TON of great stuff jammed into this book. You'd have to attend several weeks of workshops to get this much info.

This book was a like an intensive workshop - full of great insight, practical tips and techniques to help me make that transition. Dan's twenty years of experience in the field and as an instructor come through in his writing. It's like have a pro by your side to walk you through what you need to know - someone who wants to see you succeed.

James Botdorf

Bailey's decades as a pro photographer shine through in his writing.

Outdoor Action and Adventure Photography," a full-color paperback written by Anchorage-based, award-winning outdoor photographer Dan Bailey and recently released by Focal Press, is the best guide I've yet come across.

With an engaging and relatable style of writing, Bailey explains the basics of gear, technical concerns, creativity, and lighting techniques. It's illustrated in beautiful full color with hundreds of Bailey's own images, so you can see exactly what he's describing.

He's an experienced teacher who wants you to succeed, so much so that he's willing to share all of his secrets, whether you're an enthusiastic hobbyist or an aspiring pro who may become his competition. Anyone who regularly takes photos of outdoor adventures and action sports can benefit from Bailey's book.

Jill Homer

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