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The photo industry looks a whole lot different today than when I first started out fifteen years ago. The emergence of microstock and digital photography, combined with the shift in the global economy and the internet revolution have turned things upside down and drastically changed the business model of photography.

This in-depth eBook is for anyone who is considering a full or part time career in photography. Illustrated with stunning imagery and packed with industry resources, links and valuable information that I’ve gained during my experience working as a full time pro for a decade and a half, it will tell you what you need to know in order to get started making money as a photographer.

Whether you’re looking looking to make the jump towards a full time photo career, or if you’re just curious about what it takes to earn money with your camera these days, then this book is for you.

Not specific to any genre, it contains solid information that’s useful to any photographer. Whether you shoot portraits, outdoors, weddings or aspire to be a commercial advertising photographer, this eBook answers the relevant questions about how to break into the industry and start carving out your own niche. It covers topics such as how to determine if you’re ready to make the jump, what gear you’ll need, how to market yourself and find clients, how to use social media to your advantage and how to approach finding success in this highly competitive field.

Basically, if you’ve ever wanted to sit down with a pro and pick their brain, then get this book, because it’s filled with all the information and tips that they’d most likely share with you. However, the reality is that most pros are busy running their businesses and don’t necessarily have time to answer lots of in-depth questions from aspiring photographers.

It won’t replace the hard work necessary to become a pro, and it certainly won’t guarantee success, but it will save you a great deal of time and energy and point you in the right direction by answering many of the questions that you probably have about what it takes to be a professional photographer in this day and age.

Put simply, the faster you can learn what you need to know, the sooner you can get started on your career as a working photographer. Time is money.

27 pages



Get the Kindle Version on Amazon. (Text only: No images or links.)

Testimonials and Reviews

“I read a lot of books-analog and digital. Dan’s e-book is a 27 page treasure of pertinent information for the aspiring and emerging photographer, weritten in a practical, experiential, no-nonsense style. I highly recommend this e-book. It will put you on the way to not only asking the right questions, but taking the steps necessary to join the ranks of working pros worldwide. Get busy. Start reading.”

-Jack Hollingsworth
Photographer & Social Media Guru

“Dan, I finished the series, and I wanted to thank you for taking the time in writing your positive, encouraging, and realistic articles about getting into and staying successful within the business.”

-Henry Lee

“I have been taking pictures for art, for fun and am now trying to turn it into a business. I love your blog and I wanted to thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement to all us newbies!”

-Jeff Reynolds