Major Firmware Update for Fuji X-T1, X-Pro1, X-E2 and X-E1

X-T1cOne of the things I really like about Fujifilm is that they develop their cameras and lenses with the Japanese philosophy of “Kaizen“, which refers to the concept of continuous improvement. Rather than simply release a new product and make the previous one obsolete, they strive to build cameras that they can keep improving with firmware updates.

Today, Fuji released a major firmware update for some of the cameras in the X-Series. The X-T1 gets the biggest update by far. This update adds some amazing new features, including a high speed electronic shutter that has a maximum speed of 1/32,000 sec. This function was built into the X-T1 Special Graphite Silver Edition, and now it’s available to the regular X-T1.

The X-Pro1, X-E2 and X-E1 also see some improvements as well, although not nearly as many as have been given to the X-T1. Consider them early Christmas presents that make your X cameras even better. If you have any of these models, I highly recommend downloading and installing the update. You can find all the appropriate files and instructions on the Fujifilm website.

X-T1 Updates

In all, there are 27 new features for the X-T1 that increase the power of this amazing little camera even more. Here are some of the updates that v.3.0. adds.

  • Single-button direct AF activation: you no longer have to press a Fn button first.
  • The new Classic Chrome film simulation: reportedly a tribute to vintage Kodachome film.
  • Natural Live View Mode: this shows you the scene “as is” in the EVF, regardless of what film sim you’re using.
  • Unlocked AE-L/AF-L buttons
  • Seamless AF+MF manual focusing
  • Q-Menu customization
  • New video frame rates: 50p/25p/24p
  • Manual shooting in video mode
  • Additional options for Fn button settings: Flash compensation, shutter type, preview picture effect and more.
  • Lock Mode: Prevents accidental changes to cameras settings.
  • 3 New White Balance Settings
  • PC tethered shooting support

X-Pro1 Update

The X-Pro1 v.3.40 update adds the seamless AF+MF focusing function.

X-E2 Updates

The X-E2 v.3.00 update adds the following:

  • AF+MF focusing
  • Wi-Fi Camera Remote Control
  • Classic Chrome film simulation
  • Interval Timer Shooting for time lapse photography

X-E1 Update

The X-E1 v.2.40 update also adds the AF+MF focusing function.

Digital Photography School 12 Days of Christmas Sale

single_2It’s that time again, kids!! Every year, Digital Photography School does a really fun 12 Days of Christmas Sale, and the 2014 version is now underway!

Every day they offer a significant discount on one of their photography eBooks or video tutorials, which they run for just one day. When that particular day is over, so is that deal, but then they unveil a new offer that’s good for the next 24 hours.

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Digital Photography School has a large collection of photography eBooks and tutorials that cover just about every subject matter, including landscapes, travel, portraits, black and white, using color in your photography, post processing and more.

You probably won’t want all of the books in this year’s sale, but I’m betting that there will be at least one product that will make it worth checking it out.

So get in on all the fun and head on over to this year’s 12 Days of Christmas Sale- you might find something that will look great in your stocking or under your tree!!

Check Out These Huge Cyber Photography Deals

Learn Photography Online with the Pros


Cyber Monday is officially underway, and while I would never condone getting up early and standing in line at the big box store, saving lots of money is usually a pretty good thing, especially if you can do it from the comfort of your own computer.

There are some pretty amazing camera and photo deals going on right now, and if you want or need any of these items, then some of these deals would pretty hard to pass up.

Note: There are still a number of rebates and sales going on right now. Here’s the full list of deals at B&H Photo, and here’s the complete list of Cyber Monday deals at Amazon.

Save $400 on the Sony Alpha a7 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

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