• Dan Carr says:

    Should be noted as well that Affinity have publicly stated that they are working on a DAM program too. No timeline yet though.

  • Dan says:

    Thanks, Dan- Good to know!

  • Seeotter says:

    Biggest question for me is: are my current LR catalogues exportable to one of these tools? As i have thousands of picture it would be a disaster to lose the current structure

  • Pelle Poluha says:

    How do Affinity and Luminar work with the Fujifilm RAW-files?

  • Daniel HECTOR says:

    Good article. Thank you for posting a few alternatives to Lightroom.
    So far, I have resisted the Lightroom trend. I use DXO to process my RAW files and then Photoshop CS5. I like the fact that DXO has good presets that I can tweak easily to my liking.

    Another alternative is Zoner Photo Studio X.

  • Jerry Gowins says:

    On1 Photo Raw 2018 is another excellent program! I’m done with Adobe.

  • paul aiello says:

    I just want a program to edit, save and print.Done !
    Do they exist anymore ??

  • Arvid Bergesen says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thank you for your excellent information. I have one question at the moment:

    Is Lminar a Macphun product? Macphun will next year get a new name SKYLUM.

    Kind regards,
    Arvid Bergesen, Norway

  • Wayne Boyle says:

    Thanks Dan:
    I am disappointed with Adobe’s arrogance and general attitude. In Canada that US $9.99 per month ends up costing (depending on varying exchange rates) approximately $15.00 per month. Quietly they also removed P.S. from the $9.99. Thanks for the four alternatives and I will try all of them.
    Keep up the good work

  • Dan says:

    Hi Arvid. You are correct. Luminar was developed by Macphun, who just rebranded themselves as SKYLUM. The move made largely because they’re not just Mac anymore; they will be releasing Luminar for Windows very soon.

    Thanks for the comment! – Dan

  • Dan says:

    Paul – Yes, most programs will handle those tasks, including the software I mentioned in this post. Also, On1 Photo can do this stuff. What software do you currently use and what is your main issue with the program? – Dan

  • Dan says:

    Hi Jerry – I do see that On1 Photo RAW 2018 is offering their beta version now. I haven’t tried that program, but I know other photographers who use it. It’s definitely another good option, thanks for mentioning that one! -Dan

  • Dan says:

    I have no experience with Affinity yet, but I use Luminar with my Fuji RAW files and it does a great job. I actually met with the head product developer for Luminar this weekend, and as it turns out, he’s a Fuji X-T2 user. He assured me that they are committed to X-Trans support with Luminar.

  • Dan says:

    Capture One Pro has a direct “import Lightroom catalog” feature. You can migrate your LR catalog to other programs by importing your library one folder at a time. The hierarchy should stay the same, and all of your metadata, captions and keywords will be imported, except for your LR developments. This is the biggest bummer about having to migrate your catalog to another software, your develop history will be lost.

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