October 30


My Brand New Book is Out!

By Dan

October 30, 2015

BackpackerBookI’m excited to announce the publication of my second book, a Backpacker Magazine title called Adventure Photography, published by Falcon Guides.

This is an easy-to-read, pocket-sized how-to guide for taking great pictures in the outdoors. Written in a very concise style, Adventure Photography offers a wide array of information tips and photo examples that will help you improve your technique and your understanding of the basic factors that go into shooting compelling photographs.

I’m really excited about this release, because I feel it appeals to a VERY wide audience. Just about everyone loves to take photos outside, but not everyone uses an expensive camera or has any aspirations for being a pro.

Most people love photography as a hobby and a passion for creative expression and escape from the busy-ness of life, although they may not have time, nor the interest to read a 300 page book that’s filled with extensive detail and advanced techniques, they want something to give them simple tips about how to take more exciting pictures.

That’s where this book comes in. In Adventure Photography, I present simple, tried and true tips that you can use and remember, and more importantly, it’s small enough to take with you.

With a trim size of only 7″ x 4.5″, and 155 pages, it easily fits in any backpack, camera bag and most jacket pockets. It’s small enough to toss in the glove box or up on the dashboard. Sure, it might get dog-eared and faded up there, but that won’t affect the words, I promise. The stuff inside will still be good. In fact, I would love to see it used and abused- maybe we can have some kind of a contest down the road to see who’s copy has seen the most milage.

It’s also available as a Kindle eBook, which, of course, makes it even more portable.

Either way, Adventure Photography is designed as a reference book- something that you can read and use on location, or right before you head out onto the trail. In every chapter, I present specific techniques that are easy to remember and apply, no matter what you’re shooting.

Here’s the chapter breakdown:

  1. Introduction: Photography and Adventure
  2. Digital Photography Primer
  3. Technique in Photography
  4. The Quality of Light
  5. Creativity and Composition
  6. Classic Outdoor Subjects
  7. Field techniques
  8. Ten Essential Tips for Better Photos

Whether you shoot with a DSLR, a mirrorless camera, or even an iPhone, which has come into its own right as a viable photography tool with apps like Manual, and the new, seriously cool DxO One iPhone camera, this book is both helpful and highly relevant.

I love photography, and I get excited when other people love photography too. I love it when other people get killer shots, and I’ve spent much of my time during the past few years creating a number of resources that teach people how to get those killer shots, with all of my eBooks, my first print book, which came out earlier this year, my Outdoor Photography Essentials online video course, and now this book.

I recognize that everyone learns in a different way and each person responds to a different style and method of teaching. I also know that I have vast stores of information inside my brain, and that I’m pretty good and teaching this stuff, at least that’s what other people have told me, so I’ve worked really hard to get this stuff out in ways that I hope will resonate with a wide audience.

I was talking to one of my recent workshop participants the other day and he was telling me how much fun he’s been having processing, posting and printing his pictures from the trip. That kind of thing makes me feel really good inside. I like that I made an impact and could contribute to his enjoyment of photography.

I hope I can do that for you.

In other words, buy my book. You’ll get more likes. Thanks! 🙂

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