• Michael says:

    I use afc focus with a 90mm lens, usually wide open for portraits of children outdoors.
    I find it difficult to keep focus on the eyes of the children who move quite rapidly at times.
    Could you suggest which af custom mode might be best


  • Dan says:

    Hi Michael, for fast moving kids, I’d use Zone AF and AF-C mode with either CH or CL. For AF-C Custom Settings, I’d start with either setting 5 or 4. Both of those will probably work better than the Default 1 mode. I’d also recommend using Face Detection. If you’re in AF-C, you can use FD Auto. I will say that erratically moving children are some of the hardest subjects to capture, but it’s nothing the X-T2 and 90mm lens can’t handle. Just takes practice and firing off LOTS of frames! Hope that helps. -Dan

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