Using The AF-C Custom Settings on the Fujifilm X-T2 — 2 Comments

  1. I use afc focus with a 90mm lens, usually wide open for portraits of children outdoors.
    I find it difficult to keep focus on the eyes of the children who move quite rapidly at times.
    Could you suggest which af custom mode might be best


  2. Hi Michael, for fast moving kids, I’d use Zone AF and AF-C mode with either CH or CL. For AF-C Custom Settings, I’d start with either setting 5 or 4. Both of those will probably work better than the Default 1 mode. I’d also recommend using Face Detection. If you’re in AF-C, you can use FD Auto. I will say that erratically moving children are some of the hardest subjects to capture, but it’s nothing the X-T2 and 90mm lens can’t handle. Just takes practice and firing off LOTS of frames! Hope that helps. -Dan

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