• Eric Leslie says:

    Very refreshing post Dan. So much of our lives we’re told we need to be smarter, prettier and richer in less time. Our pace of life is too fast and I’m glad to see there are others like you that are not conforming!

  • Reuben says:

    Dan, thank you!

    5 years ago I left a great life in the ski/bike industry to start my own business as a professional sports photographer, as I wanted to spend more time photographing the things I loved. It was a good plan, except I got lost along the way! I now spend all my time driving from event to event, photographing football (soccer), rugby and running, then hours and hours sat at home editing, captioning, filing, admin, invoicing, tax, accounts, etc… In other words I am doing everything except the things I actually want to do, don’t get me wrong I do love my job, I love the excitement of watching a match unfold through my lens, catching the key moments etc, but its not what I set out to do!

    But change is afoot, I was recently involved in a road accident and boy it has made me take stock. I was lucky, I walked away from a totally wrecked car! But I realised how life can change so quickly, I’m now reorganising, to get back to the snow and dirt, to get back to my mountains… to do the things I love!

    Your post has come at just the right time, as I sit staring at mountains (GB’s) of images which need to be edited and sent out… I’, walking away from this… heading back to the mountains and focusing on my true passions!

    Thanks Dan!

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