August 10


Juston Ledoux Bouldering, Horsetooth Reservoir, Colorado

By Dan

August 10, 2010

Juston Ledoux Bouldering, Horsetooth Reservoir, Colorado

Here’s another one of my favorite bouldering photos from Colorado. This one was shot in the Rotary Park area of Horsetooth Reservoir. Overlooking the water on the west side of the first hogback, just outside of Fort Collins, Rotary Park is an awesome year-round climbing spot, and home to some of the legendary boulders such as The Eliminator, The Mental Block and The Cat Eye Wall.

The climber in this photo is my good friend Juston Ledoux. We worked together at a digital photo lab (my last day job before turning pro). He wasn’t a rock climber when we first met, but the incessant daily banter between the three other climbers in the scanning room soon lured him towards the dark side. Over the next few years, I climbed quite a bit with Juston and watched him fall in love with the sport and push his limits to exciting levels.

I’ve always loved this image that I shot of him pulling the overhang into the sunshine on the south side of the Eliminator Boulder. I always thought it would have made a great Climbing Magazine cover image, but sadly, it never made the cut.

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