• Nick Weinberg says:

    Hey Dan,

    Sweet blog. Great pics. It makes such a difference to have a nice camera (and to know how to use it). I haven’t seen Sam since we left AK. He mentioned that our photos might be lost. Hopefully they are not, since I am planning on putting on a slideshow of my to AK trips here in Burlington.

    We had a great trip out. Very straightforward (relative to my previous suffer-fest on the Kenai peninsula). I highly recommend picking up a packraft — they add a whole other dimension to any trip.

    Do you have any more adventures lined up? Allright got to get back to the med school grind. Boo Hoo.


  • Emily says:


    very cool pics of your trip. I’m sure cold is an understatement for the experience, but I sure did enjoy the warmth of my living room to take in the icy blues, whites and grays that make those scenes so unique.

    We should chat.

  • scott morgan says:

    Hi Dan-
    Was reading your blog. A few of us are considering a trip to little switzerland in May (2009) to do some skiing. Having never been there, I thought I might pick your brain. Did you get a sense of the access to good descents in the area? It will likely be a bit late (mid-may) for powder, so we’ll be looking more at steeper, locked-in coloirs as objectives.
    Thanks for your help-
    Scott Morgan

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