July 20


Looking Back on Three and Half Years with 7 Posts

By Dan

July 20, 2010

I’ve been writing articles about photography over at The Photoletariat for three and a half months now, and during that time, I’ve been fortunate to gain the audience of many new visitors here on this blog, which I’ve been running for the past three and a half years.

As a way to fill in you newer readers on some of the things that you might have missed during that time, I’ve taken a tip from Darren Rouse at ProBlogger and come up with a list of seven posts that feature some of the more memorable and lesser read posts. With new people coming by all the time, some of them only get read by search engine visitors and those visitors who spend time delving deep into the archives.

So, put your feet up and take a few minutes to see what you might have missed.

1. My first post

Backcountry Skiing Photos, Rogers Pass, Canadian Rockies

Aside from my intro post and a link to an article about me that appeared in Outdoor Photographer, this account of my first ski trip into the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia was my first real post.

2. The post I enjoyed writing the most

The End of an Era- Kodak to Retire Kodachrome

My fond farewell to the father of all slide films.

3. A post that had great discussion

The “Fake Shipping Company” Western Union Scam

My most commented post of all time is a firsthand account and warning about avoiding a particular type of internet scam. Since I wrote it, I’ve saved quite a number of people from getting ripped off.

4. A post on another blog that I wish I’d written

10 Ways to Piss Off A Photographer

A great article by Grover Sanschagrin. We’ve all been there before, right?

5. A post with a title that I’m proud of

The Story of My Sunrise on K2 Image

An account of the time I photographed the second tallest mountain on Earth. That’s the one that seems to have a real title, instead of just sounding like a blog headline.

6. A post I wish more people had read

The Adventures of Dan and Eric on the Pika Glacier

I had lots of fun creating this funny little comic about my alpine rock climbing trip to Little Switzerland in the Alaska Range, but it’s apparently not very SEO friendly, so it rarely gets read.

7. The most visited post ever

On Assignment: Bikini Fly Fishing

My account (and yes, photos!) of the time I shot a bikini calendar. Maybe someday I’ll do another bikini post and include more images from that shoot.

So that’s the list. Of course, it doesn’t include all the featured images, gear recommendations, industry news and insight and other outdoor photography related stuff that I’ve got here in the archives. Poke around a little bit and let me know what some of your favorite posts are. If you find something you like, leave a comment. Finally, if you’re here for the first time, welcome. I hope you come back.

Special Bonus Post:

Stomping Through the Rain

This one didn’t fit into a category. It’s an original music video. Enjoy!

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