April 5


The Fujifilm Autofocus System Explained

By Dan

April 5, 2021

The FUJIFILM cameras use a specially designed hybrid autofocus that incorporates both contrast and phase detection sensors, as well as intelligent, predictive algorithms. The result is an extremely capable system that offers a high degree of speed and accuracy. They can even be set up to function with back button focus. 

Nearly all of the Fuji cameras acquire subjects quickly and are able to track moving subjects and shoot fast action, even at high frame rates. They also have great Face Detection systems that let you shoot portraits and scenes with people without having to move the little focus zone around. 

The latest generation of X Series cameras, X-T3/4, X-Pro3, X-T30 X-S10 and X100V have even faster performance. With an increased number of phase detect pixels that cover 100% of the frame, faster processors, custom AF settings and new algorithms, these cameras are now in the same category as some of the highest end DSLR cameras when it comes to autofocus. 

I’m utterly amazed at how fast and accurate the X-T3’s autofocus is, even when tracking quick subjects when using long lenses. Having used many cameras in my 20+ career, I can say with confidence that the X-T3 and X-T4 has the best AF system of any cameras I’ve ever owned. I’ve thrown everything at it, and after well over a year of solid use, it’s kept up and done everything I’ve asked of it. The X-T4 is even faster.

(With the latest firmware updates, the X-T3 now has the same AF algorithms and AF speed found in the X-T4) 

That said, even the previous generation X Series cameras outperform many comparably priced DSLRs in this area. While they aren’t as fast as the newer models, these cameras are still quite fast and are perfectly suitable for shooting a wide variety of action and fast moving subjects. 

In my latest video tutorial, I teach you the fundamentals of how the focus system works on the X Series and GFX cameras, and how to use it in order to best capture the types of subjects that you like to shoot. 

Even if you already know the basics of how the system works, it might be worth watching this lesson to refresh your knowledge, and you might even pick up some new tips!

Enjoy the video and feel free to leave a comment to share you feedback or ask questions, either here or in the video comment section.

Also, since your autofocus performance depends largely on technique and not just the gear, be sure and check out my video, 10 Essential Autofocus Tips for Shooting Sports and Action. This one will really give you a handle on how to get the best results, no mater what you’re shooting.

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Hi, I'm Dan Bailey, a 25+ year pro outdoor and adventure photographer, and official FUJIFILM X-Photographer based in Anchorage, Alaska.

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