February 19


Trip Teaser- Backcountry Skiing, Canadian Rockies

By Dan

February 19, 2008

Here are a few teaser shots from my recent ski trip to the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. We had five feet of snow fall on us over the course of seven days, which of course meant endless big powder turns and some VERY DEEP conditions!

Backcountry Skiing Photos, Rogers Pass, Canadian Rockies
(Heath Mackay swimming through shoulder-deep powder.)

Backcountry Skiing Photos, Rogers Pass, Canadian Rockies
(Ryan Miller carving telemark turns through fresh snow.)

Backcountry Skiing Photos, Rogers Pass, Canadian Rockies
(Zac Wiebe cruising through the snow covered forest.)

Backcountry Skiing Photos, Rogers Pass, Canadian Rockies
(View of Mount MacDonald.)

I used my new Nikon D300 exclusively during the trip with excellent results. The D300 picks up right where the D200 left off, as a rugged, dependable, professional quality camera that is well suited to action and adventure photography. The D300’s new 51 area 3D focus tracking worked well locking onto skiers at 6 frames per second, giving me the ability to shoot impressive bursts of photos, such as the series of 18 shots below.

ski-cnd-01758.JPG ski-cnd-01759.JPG ski-cnd-01760.JPG ski-cnd-01761.JPG ski-cnd-01762.JPG ski-cnd-01763.JPG ski-cnd-01763.JPG ski-cnd-01764.JPG ski-cnd-01765.JPG ski-cnd-01766.JPG ski-cnd-01767.JPG ski-cnd-01768.JPG ski-cnd-01769.JPG ski-cnd-01770.JPG ski-cnd-01771.JPG ski-cnd-01772.JPG ski-cnd-01773.JPG ski-cnd-01774.JPG

Stay tuned for more photos from this trip and more of my personal reviews of the Nikon D300…

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