• roteague says:

    The Manfrotto 737CY is going to be my choice. It’s time for me to upgrade from my old workhorse tripod. The carry weight on this isn’t a big problem, my camera only weighs 3 lbs (less than 4 with lens).

  • Dan says:

    I’m with you. I’ve had my eye on the 737CY for awhile now. It’s definitely light enough for most cameras and outdoor uses and the price is certainly very attractive.

  • Russ Bishop says:

    Just picked up a Gitzo 1541 for an upcoming trip to France and Italy and love it. Can’t believe how compact and light it is – hard to believe it supports 15lbs.

  • STEVE says:

    Purchased a Promaster T525P about a year ago and love it for backpacking. Super light at 2.3 lbs., 5 section with two piece center column. Sells for around $300.

  • I would add the Feisol CT-3342 to the list. It weighs about 2.25 pounds and it is about 56 inches tall (almost a bit too tall for me at 5’7”). I wanted a tripod without a center column and the extra added weight, so this was a good choice for me. I use it for hiking and backpacking, and other than being a bit bulky, it works well for me. It is also kind on the pocketbook at about $400 (compared to Gitzo at least).

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  • Mark Griffith says:

    What head do you suggest with the gitzo tripods?

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