• Joe says:

    Did you use your 14mm f2.8 Fuji lens while it was raining?

  • Peter says:

    Any thoughts about using the attachable flash supplied with the XT-2, or is it just not strong enough for this kind of situation?

  • Dan says:

    Peter, if you’re shooting relatively close up with the little EF-X8 flash, say within 10 feet at f/4 or wider, you should be able to get visible results. Beyond that, you’ll definitely see the light level decrease.

  • Dan says:

    Yes, Joe. During the heaviest downpour, I kept the camera covered inside my jacket in between racers and kept a lens cloth on hand in case the glass got wet. I would whip it out, shoot, and quickly shove it back inside my jacket. The non-WR lenses do ok in the rain, you just don’t want to expose them to prolonged water. The reality is that if it’s raining that hard, your biggest issue is keeping the front element dry. In a heavy rain, that can be quite challenging!

  • Joe says:

    Thanks Dan. That is good to know.

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