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  • Cyclocross!! says:

    […] in the middle of the action, I shot this one on Saturday with a Nikon D700, 24mm lens and a strobe. Here's the behind the scenes post with a few more images from this shoot. __________________ Daniel H. Bailey's Adventure […]

  • Ricardo says:

    Great post about capturing that Wow factor. I love cycling and this is a fresh way to experience it.

  • […] overpower the sun, but for regular flash use, you may never run into any problems. Remember those Cyclorcoss images I shot last week with my strobe? Many of them were shot at 1/100, 1/160 and /1200 […]

  • […] last Saturday, I headed out to the course with gear and excitement. Riding high on the success of the previous week’s photos, I was hoping to come back with some shots that would knock my socks off even […]

  • […] Since I was shooting largely under shade, the TritonFlash added a ton of life to the images. And for as good as the smaller Octodome has worked in the past when shooting close up action, the 3′ worked ever better, since it thew a wider blast of light onto the riders. You can see more cyclocross images shot with the TritonFlash here. […]

  • […] In addition, by slightly underexposing your camera exposure, you can create effects where your subject is lit even more prominently against a darker background. You can see more examples of my flash/panning technique in action here. […]

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