• Steve says:

    I’m an X-T2 shooter, here in the UK, and not sure whether to go with this or wait for the X-T3 later in the year. From the rumours circulating around the interweb, IBIS will not be in this particular camera. Do you concur with this? I’m not someone that interested in the video aspect of the X series, which is why I’m hesitant to go with this H1. Scotland’s great by the way, been around all the islands. I gather you have been a few times. Oh, and great X-Series eBook, by the way.

  • Dan says:

    Hi Steve, I rarely pay any attention to the rumors, so I have no idea what will or might come in the next X-T body. My guess is that it won’t have IBIS, though. Personally, that’s not a deal breaker for me, as I love the form factor and size of the X-T2 so much. The X-H1 is definitely a great camera, but if you’re not heavy into video and you like the small size of the X-T2, I see no reason to switch to the H.

    Also, thanks for the comment, glad you like my X Series eBook! Yes, I’ve been to Scotland twice in the past year and I’m heading back tomorrow to visit Oban and Islay for a week.

  • Steve says:

    Dan, be sure to visit the “Summer Isles” if you can. A bit further north, up the West coast, but well worth it, Eagles and all.

  • Dan says:

    We probably won’t make it up there on the short trip, but there will be many more, I’m sure. We got a good view of the Summer Isles back in May while cycling in the hills above Lochinver.

  • Peter Morris says:

    Enjoy yourself Dan, and Happy Birthday too!! Just love your site, looking forward to seeing your new photos soon.

    Cheers, Peter

  • Dan says:

    Thanks Peter!!

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