How Good is RAW on the Fuji X20? — 7 Comments

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  2. Very nice overview of raw on the X20. I went from JPGs with my X10 to mostly raw with the X20 because I was getting better results.

    JPGs are still great but when you need that little extra–as you’ve shown–there’s a lot of latitude in the raw files.

    Beautiful backdrop for your demonstration as well.

  3. Great comparison, but my own feelings are that for a pocketable P&S camera, with great lens and manual controls, the JPEGs are more than adequate. For more serious work I would still, and always use my 5D.

  4. Nick, I tend to agree with you, but it’s nice to have the option for shooting RAW when you find yourself in front of an awesome subject and all you have is your little camera.

  5. Dan, Great review. I prefer shooting this travel camera in jpeg too. Still gaining its feeling though.
    I wonder what’s your C1 and C2 settings or what’s your advise?

  6. I think my X20 C1 and C2 settings are as follows: (C1) Program mode with Velvia film sim and (C2) Program mode with B/W red filter film sim.

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