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Denali Backcountry Adventure Photography Trek – July 19-25, 2015

By Dan

February 23, 2015


I’m excited to announce the latest offering in my 2015 photography workshop schedule. Join me this summer for my Denali Backcountry Adventure Photography Trek, from July 19-25.

During this special 7-day backpacking adventure photography workshop, I’ll take you on a journey through the biggest and most rugged mountains in North America.

We’ll be dropped off by float plane in the heart of Denali National Park and the Alaska Range, only 17 miles away from the highest and most massive mountain on the continent, (Denali, at 20,320′), and spend 5 days exploring and honing our outdoor photography skills in the most authentic setting possible.

Paced for intermediate backpackers, yet challenging enough for seasoned wilderness travelers, our 30+ mile route includes 5 days of overland travel along mountain ridges, right next to massive glaciers, over tundra and through remote wilderness that few people ever get to see up close. There’s a good chance we’ll even see some Alaska Wildlife!

With unparalleled views and rugged terrain, this remote wilderness trip is set in a virtually unexplored part of Denali, and it provides the ideal setting for a true adventure photography workshop. I’ll be right there with you during the entire trip, and since we’ll be a small group, we’ll be able to learn and practice together and taylor to the techniques YOU want to learn and talk shop in camp every evening.

We’ll have incredible photo opportunities each day, and a variety of lighting conditions for capturing the scenery around us. We can take advantage of the midnight sun and catch Magic Hour on the Alaska Range, and we can even practice shooting “adventure subjects” by setting up scenarios with each other and our willing guide.

We’ll begin with a photography presentation before heading out into the backcountry, and when we’re out in the mountains, our small group setting will allow you nearly constant one-on-one opportunities for mentorship and instruction with me during the entire trip. This is as close as you’ll ever get to shooting in the remote wilds of Alaska, because you’ll actually be there doing it in person with me!

This is as real as it gets!!

To make this special trip happen, I’m working closely with Alaska Alpine Adventures, who is the premier small-group adventure travel company in Alaska. With a 16 year history, they’re a recognized leader the industry for providing award-winning itineraries and guiding safe trips that give people the chance to enjoy and explore Alaska’s great parks away from all the crowds.

Alaska Alpine Adventures will provide us with a knowledgable and experienced guide, as well as all the necessary logistical support, including tents, cooking gear, awesome backcountry meals, satellite phone, GPS, maps and medical kit, although you’ll be required to carry a portion of the group gear.

Although you don’t need to be an expert outdoors person or a pro athlete to enjoy this trip, good physical conditioning is essential. We’ll be backpacking with 30-40 lb. packs over steep, hilling, uneven terrain and covering an average of 5-7 miles each day. That’s not a huge distance, and we’ll have plenty of downtime, but we may encounter sections of thick vegetation, as well as wind, rain and possibly some mosquitos.

However, the trip is at the end of July, so you have lots of time to prepare for this awesome, once-in-a lifetime adventure! (Two months of pre-trip conditioning should be enough for most people.)

Whether your interest lies with landscape photography or action adventure styles, this workshop trek promises an intensive setting for you to learning advanced outdoor photography techniques in a truly remote Alaska environment.

I did a workshop trek with Galen Rowell back in 1993 and so it’s a dream for me to be able offer a trip like this to my own followers and students. There are only a few spots available on my Denali Backcountry Adventure Photography Trek, so if you’re interested, please visit the trip page at Alaska Alpine Adventures where you can read the detailed itinerary and book your reservation.

I hope to see you out there with me this summer. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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