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Get My Photography On The Brain Lesson 1-10 Bundle

By Dan

February 13, 2020

Starting this month, you can now purchase the entire first 10 lessons in my Photography On The Brain Course as a complete collection.

I’m offering the Lesson 1-10 Bundle at a special price, which means you’ll be able to download and binge watch them right away. The tradeoff is that you’ll only get these ten lessons. If you want to watch future lessons in my ongoing course, you’ll have to wait until the next lesson bundle is released, or sign up for the monthly membership.

I’m offering the bundle because I know that not everyone wants another monthly subscription in their life. This option gives you access to the first 10 lessons, which is all of the lessons that have been released up to this point.

The bundle contains over two hours of content that cover a wide variety of topics, and include a wealth of ideas and insight that stem from my extensive experience. At the end of each lesson, I give you an assignment; a specific challenge that will encourage you to try and apply these ideas in your own image making.

Launched last year, my Photography On The Brain course features a series of monthly lessons that are designed to challenge you to think about photography and your own creativity in new ways.

The course is based around a concise 10 minute video lesson that’s delivered to you each month. With each lesson, I go beyond simple tips and techniques, and explore each topic with a mix of intelligence, curiosity and enthusiasm, and inspire you to try to apply these ideas to your own image making. You can watch the lessons on any device, at any time, or download them.

My goal with the course is to fill your brain with seeds that will develop in conjunction with your own creative and technical growth as a photographer. As you progress, these seeds will begin to bloom and give you an increased level of confidence and proficiency with the camera.

The content is unique, because it’s built on the very concepts that continue to excite and intrigue me on a personal level. They’re the ideas and techniques that have propelled and inspired my own journey with photography during the past three decades.

During the past year, students have found the course to be engaging and inspiring. It’s helped them remove their own perceived limitations with creativity and has motivated them to explore their craft in entirely new ways.

(Watch this tutorial to see an example of my video teaching style.)

Two Ways to Enroll

Originally, Photography On The Brain was designed as a monthly membership series, with three tiers: Basic, Workshop Level and Full Year Workshop.

Workshop Level allows you access to our private Flickr Group, where you can join in the conversation, contribute your own ideas about topics we cover further explore these topics with other members and share your own images with the group for comments and critique. (Full Year Workshop is simply paying for a year membership in the Workshop Level tier up front.)

With the new Lesson 1-10 bundle, You don’t have to wait for a new lesson each month, and there’s no subscription required.

The advantage of signing up for the monthly option, however, is that you’ll continue to receive new lessons for as long as you remain a member. And it costs less up front. Also, if you’re in the Workshop Level tier, you’ll have access to the Flickr Group.

Either way, there’s a ton of great material in these first 10 lessons.

With either option, my goal is to get you thinking more deeply about photography and creativity. You may find that it takes some careful thought to figure how to incorporate these ideas into your own particular style, but that’s exactly the point of Photography On The Brain.

However, if you do take the time and apply a certain amount of mental effort, I promise you, you will begin to unlock ideas and creative approaches that will push your photography skills to new heights.

Feed Your Own Photography Brain

So take advantage of my expertise and my engaging teaching style and check out my Photography On The Brain course. Whether you choose to join as a monthly member, or if you decide to purchase the Lesson 1-10 Bundle, I’m confident that you’ll enjoy the fresh, inspirational approach that this course offers. I’ll even give you 100% money back guarantee.

Download the first lesson today. You can sign up for the monthly option here, or you can purchase the lesson bundle here.

I would like to thank you taking the time to look at and comment on my two recent photo submissions to photography on the brain group on Flickr.

I am really liking those comments! They have helped fuel my excitement for photography.

Daren Wilz

I would recommend this course to anybody who wants to gain further insights into photography.

Not just another course on photography, "Photography on the Brain" gives insights into why we should try different approaches in order to become better photographers. For example rather than simply describe what a wide angle lens is, Dan talks about how it can affect you compositional style and how you can use it to your advantage in certain situations.

Scott Anderson

Dan’s passion for photography is infectious and motivational

Dan's dynamic teaching approach is based on liberating people from the hugely technical side, instead emphasising the ‘get out there and give it a go’ method. He has remarkable ability to break down analysis and learning into bite-size chunks that give you the confidence to try.

Many would-be teachers get bogged down in what they regard as essential details before suggesting taking a photo, by which time the student’s mind is not on the photo, but the camera.

Obviously with Dan’s experiential learning approach, every student is allowed to start at their own beginning.

Dan is very generous not only with his time but his knowledge and experiences. He is not a pixel-peeper, he views cameras as tools, not subjects for constant comparison, and his primary aim is to get the highest quality picture in the simplest way and to share his knowledge with everyone who is interested.

Roger Sinclair

I’m sure that experiencing Dan’s energy and enthusiasm in this medium will add another dimension to the learning, encouraging one’s creative breakthroughs. I’ll certainly be joining that subscriber list.

Dan is a professional shooter, teacher and blogger with a passion for sharing his experience and insights with others. He has an easy, relaxed style of communication, making it enjoyable to read or listen to his insight.

I recently listened to an hour-long podcast interview with Dan. I was so taken with his knowledge and passion for photography that I wrote to tell him how inspiring I found it. He wrote back immediately thanking me and told me he is planning a monthly video-style blog series for subscribers that will provide personal instruction and inspiration.

Michael Fisher

Dan Bailey’s knowledge of outdoor photography is as good as it gets!

His enthusiasm and passion for making images is unparalleled. He simplifies what could be complex, and imparts a vision that inspires one to get out and shoot. Dan is approachable and responsive to any questions one might have. I have had the pleasure of attending workshops and presentations with Dan, and he personifies talent, integrity and expertise and caring. Plus, he is FUN!

Janel Brown

Dan is a wonderful teacher who sincerely enjoys helping others

He uses a direct but kind approach and caters his lessons to your skill level. His lessons and inspirational words help keep me motivated on tough days! I recommend this course for all photographers, regardless of skill level, as his experience and guidance is applicable to all who seek to improve their work.

Jean Lua

What a great opportunity to learn

After leaving film photography 25 years ago, Dan has brought me into digital photography and has always encouraged me. He will ask what I am shooting, make a positive comment and then a suggestion that I might try.

Patrick McGownd

You can't really be a follower without being enthused by your enthusiasm for photography

For me it's helped me just get out and do it, no matter what the weather.

I recently sent an email regarding tips in using wide angle lenses and must admit quick surprise it was actually YOU responding and not perhaps a staff assistant. This has spurred me "onward" to enjoy, learn, do my best and enjoy, enjoy and again enjoy while I am able.

Mark Tozer

Your advice has inspired me to try new things

I consider myself an advanced amateur and my interests range from macro/close-up of flowers and plants, to landscapes. Dan Bailey provides great advice that will help you get to the next level.

Nicolaas Strik

I look at your web site at least every week.

You are in my top 4 camera web sites. I have recommended you to friends who have enjoyed your blog even more than me.

Composition is not a natural gift of mine, but your work has challenged and inspired me, and I think I'm getting better. Crazy inspiration! Sound practical advice. Objective analysis. Helpful.

Andrew Leask

Dan wants his photography to allow the viewer "to become immersed in the action".

I have found his teaching style to do the same. He is able to share his knowledge of photography in a clear and uncomplicated way that is both inspiring and enjoyable.


I have signed up and viewed the first lesson and found it helpful! 



Your stuff on the web is really inspiring.

You have this great ability to make things easy to understand. Especially your brilliant e-book "X-series unlimited" have been very useful and motivating in understanding, exploring and be able to get the most out of my XT-2.

I see you as a Giver, and it is very inspiring to have the possibility to learn the best tips and tricks from an outstanding photographer. Keep up the good work!

Morten Larsen
About the author

Hi, I'm Dan Bailey, a 25+ year pro outdoor and adventure photographer, and official FUJIFILM X-Photographer based in Anchorage, Alaska.

As a top rated blogger and author my goal is to help you become a better, more confident and competent photographer, so that you can have as much fun and creative enjoyment as I do.

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