• Carl Donohue says:

    Hey Dan

    Just found this googling some stuff on the park. I lived over in the area for 2 years, in a cabin owned by a guy named Jim Edwards, who worked with Martin for years up there mining. He’s a great old guy with tons of cool stories about the area. Very cool.



  • Dan Bailey says:

    How cool! I actually read about Jim Edwards in the NPS book about Martin. Sounds like Jim got to know him quite well and become very familiar with his mining projects since he worked with him up close on the walls. The whole story is fascinating.

  • Dave Saunderson says:

    Just ran across this also . My wife and I worked at peavine the summer of 1976 for Soil Test Inc . She was the camp cook and I was a laborer . We worked at two sites . One was directly above the cook cabin , bunkhouses and airstrip . We would fly up on the mtns by helicopter every afternoon and wash scree off the bench with water runoff from water falls . The other job was blasting a trail across the face of the mtns to get coat samples . At that job we also built long access ladder out of logs to climb up the steep slides . We buit these ladders at the airstrip and the helicopter swung them into Radivan gulch and set them in place . Unforgettable experience and still have many pictures of it !

  • aric says:

    Hi Dan,
    I am wondering if you had other photographs of Radovan Gulch or if you crossed the creek to Martin’s Camp? My great grandfather was Martin’s brother. I’d love to see other photos if available.

    Also, if Dave Saunderson is notified of my post, I’d like to correspond with him as well.

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