• fotoeins says:

    Dan, thank you for your follow-up and encouraging article!

  • Heather says:

    Like my friend Trudy says: This got me church shoutin!!!!! I amen’d every point here.

    Dan Bailey you fascinate me 🙂 If I were going to photograph a human being outside of my family, it’d be you!

  • jagjit says:

    This is definately food for thought….never seen anything like this on any blog…

  • Wow, a man of many talents: musician, photographer, pilot!

    I’m glad my article elicited such a response from you and from others who left comments as well. I particularly like your advice that if you do want to go into photography professionally, don’t force it. I think that may be part of my problem; I’m in such a rush to figure out the answer so I can get on with my new life. Maybe I need a speed limit on the road to going pro.

  • Will says:

    I have just stumbled upon you blog and really enjoy your writing and insight, not to mention the theme you choose ;). That is besides the point. I, too, went to school for music and graduated with a degree in Music Education, taught for two years before that school district let me go… I mean I resigned. I have since been working at a great job and developing my photography business. I never thought I would be at this point but I am loving it just the same. It is refreshing to hear other photographers say they still love what they do besides grumble and complain. Thanks for a great site, glad I found it!

  • Dan Bailey says:

    Will, Thanks for your comments and for taking the time to read my blog. Another musician turned photographer. It seems as if music and photography are indeed intertwined on some level. Galen Rowell’s mother was a musician and so he was exposed to music in his house from an early age. Ansel Adams was a piano player during his youth and I’ve seen a few other pro photographers who also play music on the side. Thanks for reading and keep up the good work!

  • Larry Eiss says:

    I am with “jagjit” above. I have never seen this sort of topic covered on any blog. If you two have any more stuff like this to say, I’m all ears.

  • Thanks for sharing these thoughts and for reminding me to finding my own path. One of the challenges of starting out as a photographer is simply choosing which areas of photography to work with, and I’m in that process right now… It takes a lot of thinking!

    I got curious when you mentioned you got the job as a photo editor early in the process; I would’ve guessed it was often the other way around, that photo editors are often retired photographers?

  • Dan Bailey says:

    I imagine that some are, but I also know a number of other pro photographers who got their start as photo editors. Thanks for the comment, Bjarte!

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