• G4, mac book, Mac Pro, iPod mini, iPod 80g
    and my family wonder why they suffer with viruses etc when they choose P*s!

  • The first computer I used was an Apple IIE around grade 3 or 4. I remember we had a tour to the principals office to see the COLOR MONITOR that was the only one in the district. It was an Apple of course, but had only 4 colors, but that was a big deal. In grade 7 we upgraded to the Apple IIGS. My family bought one and it was our first computer. I still have it – and it still works. Even booting it recently it seems remarkably full featured and fast. I wouldn’t want to edit RAWS on it though! Since then I’ve had a Macintosh Centris 610, Centris 660AV, G4 400 tower (those beautiful blue ones), G4 800 dual tower (still have this one), and an iMac G5 which is still my email, video player, and occasional web surfing computer on my desk. It feels wrong to be typing this on a PC though. 🙁

    A friend and I were talking about Steve Jobs and Apple last week. He is frustrated with the innovation in the company he works for… everything seems geared towards “what ideas would make money” vs “what would be a great idea”. Ideas are tied directly to the whim of shareholders – who know little of the industry directly. At Apple, design and innovation are on the opposite side from the shareholders and I think that is one reason they have been able to produce so many great products and ideas. I do think Apple will be in good hands with Tim Cook though.

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