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  • JodyO says:

    All great tips Dan, thanks for sharing! Just out of curiosity, about how much does the camera and lens set up that you use with the Gorillapod weigh? I saw on its specs list that it can support up to about 6 lbs. Do you think this is true, or it can hold a little more or less?

  • Steve says:

    I’ll have to try those eneloop batteries – thanks. You should try the extreme pro cards at 95MB/sec. Very useful when you bracket your shots.

  • Dan Bailey says:

    Jody, 6 lbs. is about right. It will hold a DSLR and a 70-200mm lens find on the ground, but you probably won’t be able to wrap it on a pole and have it stay. I have wrapped smaller cameras/lens and flash setups, though. D700 and say a 24mm lens, or the X20- works fine.

  • Dan Bailey says:

    Steve, I haven’t tried cards any faster than around 45-60MB/sec. They’re pretty fast, but I am interested in seeing what those Extreme Pros can do!

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    Terry Bourk

    I have read you new book “Behind the Landscape.” I could not “put it down” meaning that I kept at it because each photo you presented/analyzed was interesting and informative. I am trying to develop an eye for composition (both the scene and the light).

    Thank you! The examples you present and the suggestions are very helpful. Purple Mountains, McKinley River and Wonder Lake are fascinating.

    Roger Sinclair

    You have done it again! Another triumph.

    Your generosity to share, the clarity of thought and concise explanation thereof is brilliant. Perhaps I should also mention the beautiful photos and the talent necessary to produce them.

    Thank you, Dan.