• Les Hoerwinkle says:

    Think he’d be shooting Fuji. Love how he used to break handles off toothbrushes to save weight.

  • I love the question… first off I often wondered why no-one made a digital back for my beloved Nikon F4S… It has a lot going for it as sensors advance so the backs advance. It hasn’t happened so no point crying over it.

    I’d like to think he’d have brought pressure to bear on Nikon to innovate, however it is hard to move away from a winning formula. DSLRs will be around for a long time to come.

    Fuji now here is a thing… Yes, he’d have a Fuji but he’d be frustrated… he’d be of the mind set… “why didn’t you put a flip screen on the back of the X-Pro2!” and he’d be sat there with his Nikon like I am saying “the X-T2 better be way better than the DSLR!”

    I tested a continuous light in a review and used the X-Pro1 and a D610… neither have awesome low light AF capability but the hit rate is better with the Nikon… IF the X-T2 is better and I mean way better than a D750 then maybe Galen and I would be in the same camp doing a switch to Fuji… otherwise a D750 it will be!

    Great process for choosing my next camera 🙂

    Thanks Dan…

    Best regards,


  • Mike says:

    Galen traveling light? I reckon it would have been the Panasonic GM5 with the 14mm F2.5 and then the Panasonic 35-100 F4-5.6.

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  • Guido Bee says:

    Probably Fuji or Sony.
    I like DSLR, but they are dinosaurs and way too big for what they deliver. I’ve likely bought my last one.

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