• Alan Musy says:

    My start in photography was when I first picked up my Mom’s Brownie Box camera. Been hooked on photography ever since. Later, my Dad let me use his old Argus 35mm camera, which didn’t even have an exposure meter; I guesstimated my exposure by the guide on the film box. I bought my first camera, a Pentax KX, when I graduated from high school.

  • Hugh Wolfe says:

    In the mid 70’s my dad and I, well ok mostly dad, purchased a Nikormat EL for a trip to Colorado. We were living in PA at the time. That EL is long gone, but three years ago I “graduated” to a Nikon D700 from what was my camera at the time, my cell phone. Yeah I know really steep learning curve started. It’s been fun learning in the digital age. Now I’m about to embark on another learning adventure as I should have my dads old Zeiss Ikon Contaflex, vintage ’53, back in my hands in a couple of weeks. It’s been in need of refurbishment for many years and I found someone who has the knowledge, skills and most important parts, to accomplish the work. Dads camera is now 60 years old, I just wish he was around to show me how to use it.

  • Julie Smith says:

    I remember vividly the very first shot I took with my new Pentax SF10 SLR. It was a macro shot of a mushroom and I couldn’t wait to get the film back so I had it developed right after that shot. Didn’t even finish the roll! I just knew it was the coolest picture I had ever taken.

  • Got my Canon AE1 back in ’88 as a gift along with a roll of black & white. It was my first real experience creating black & white images. Still love bw to this day.

  • I have always had an interest in photography, but always thought it was just something I would “tinker” with. I began to catch the travel and adventure bug in collage and my dad bought me my first digital camera (a sony point and shoot) for my upcoming semester abroad in Australia. I really fell in love with traveling, hiking and photographing my adventures (particularly landscape and nature photography). It took me several years and was not really until last year that I really decided this was something I wanted to pursue and grow. Sometimes the moment is the combination of someone putting a tool in your hand to get you started along with an amazing travel experience that gives you direction and ignites the flame you have been carrying.

  • Breta Vomocil says:

    I can’t say that there is one big moment that changed my photography life for ever. Everytime it was about fun of shooting no matter if using compact camera or DSLR. Maybe the big change is somewhere near me, maybe a trip to an inspiring country, I’ll see… But it’s true that there is a few milestones, that moved me forward – buing my first DSLR and SLR cameras. Trying shooting on film has definitely something inside – the process is slower and you have to think more about the shots. All the best! Breta

  • Rob Chenard says:

    An event that changed my photography life forever: I recently moved to Texas and a new friend kept asking me what my “hobby” was but I couldn’t answer him. This really bothered me that I couldn’t figure out what I do for a “hobby”. As I was driving out in the rural roads, I saw a beautiful scene with the setting sun lighting the clouds fiery red across a field and regretted not having my camera with me. It was then I realized that nature photography is my “hobby”! I have always taken pictures, while at sea with the Navy and especially when we pulled into ports, so to me it was just something I did because I liked the pictures. From this event, I have decided to take my personal photography and try to turn it into a night and weekend thing that can launch me into my third career! Wish me luck…

  • The birth of my daughter 10 years ago. It inspired me to buy my first digital camera, I have never looked back (except to see if there’s a better shot behind me:)

  • DummyDiva says:

    Event to change my life? Seeing the first BW pic I developed in my bathroom darkroom.

  • Mike Riemer says:

    My interest initially came from my father, but the big moment for me was seeing one of my photos published in Popular Photography. It made me realize that I could take photos that could be published. That was a great thing to understand.

  • Jakub Havel says:

    I guess in 1992, I spent almost 7 weeks by travelling alone by bike around Norway. A good opportunity to think about itself. Until then I like taking pictures and I bought used Nikon F801 with two lenses for this trip, but it was mainly a hobby without a clear vision.
    At the end of my journey I found in tobacconist’s in Oslo an American Photo magazine, all issue dedicated to „adventure photography“.
    The magazine suddenly clearly showed to me, what I want to do in my life…
    BTW, there were also some images form Gallen Rowell 🙂

  • Rick says:

    I hope this is the time I finally win something ..fingers crossed

  • Matt Storlie says:

    My inspiration for photography happened 20 years ago, when my Dad let me use his Minolta 35mm when I was in college. It was a completely manual camera, and it forced me to learn how to take a technically correct picture from very early on. When I graduated from college, my fiance at the time (my wife of now nearly 19 years) and her family got me my first 35mm SLR, the Nikon N6006, which I still have today. Even though I now have my first DSLR, the Canon EOS 7D (which I love!), I’ll still get the old Nikon out and shoot a roll of film (old school) when out on a camping trip with my dad and brothers.

  • We took the bus into Denali NP for the first time and I was able to capture one of my most popular images of Mt McKinley, which was the push I needed for me to begin my journey into landscape photography.

  • Jakub Havel says:

    Hello Dan,
    still no announcement of winners?

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    "Thank you for keeping me posted. Getting inspired is one of the best feelings, it fuels my creativity! Can't wait for your next newsletter!"     - Drea L.

    Thank you for keeping me posted. Getting inspired is one of the best feelings, it fuels my creativity! Can't wait for your next newsletter!"     - Drea