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Winter in the Canadian Rockies: New eBook by Darwin Wiggett

By Dan

January 18, 2011

Winter in the Canadian Rockies by Darwin Wiggett

Let me just say that I like winter. That’s probably why I like this gorgeous new eBook by Darwin Wiggett, Winter in the Canadian Rockies. Having traveled and skied in this part of the continent in the winter, I have a certain fondness for Darwin’s photography.

He captures winter. All of it. From the grand white landscapes, to the up close details of ice and snow, to the imagery of people exploring it as an extreme environment, Darwin creates striking photographs of an exceptionally beautiful part of the world.

And, in this great new eBook published by Craft and Vision, he shares his own insights on the creative, technical and logistical processes about how he goes about making his imagery.

Winter in the Canadian Rockies is laid out a little differently than the other Craft and Vision books that I’ve reviewed, in fact it’s a wonderfully refreshing format, one that you can absorb in depth over number of readings.

The first section of the book, The Print, which encompasses 43 pages, is nothing but a gallery of photographs. Beautiful photographs of mountains, ice, frozen rivers, snow covered landscapes, winter wildlife ice climbers, the northern lights, pine forests and more.

This section brings you right in and immediately gets your visual senses involved. You could spend days looking at and studying all these great photos, and you probably will.

When you finally work your way to page 44, you enter The Process. This is where Darwin writes in detail about his photographic process, from his attitude about his methods and subjects, like how to prepare and dress, for winter outdoor photography and how to keep the camera warm.

He also talks about the nuances of winter light and goes into detail about the special techniques and creative ideas that he uses to create his imagery.

Finally, on page 52, he revisits all of the images in the book and details the equipment used and the specific methods and approach that he took to get each shot. That goes on for another 19 pages, making the total eBook 69 pages in length.

I’m excited to find some time to sit down and go through Winter in the Canadian Rockies with a few late night sessions of undivided attention. I’m sure that I’ll learn a few things, and at the very least, I know that I’ll come away with some new creative inspiration.

And like all other Craft and Vision eBooks, this one is only $5, which costs less than a few packs of hand warmers.

Get it and immerse yourself into winter.

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