• Al says:

    I use my 70-200mm f/2.8 for indoors and my 70-300mm VR G for outdoors. Will I notice much of a difference in IQ if I upgrade my 70-300mm to the 70-200mm f/4? I mostly shoot at f/8 outdoors.

  • Dan says:

    Al, if you’re using the lens on one of the newer Nikon bodies and looking critically at your imagery, you’ll will likely notice a difference. The newer 70-200mm f/4G will have higher sharpness and less distortion at all focal lengths, and lower chromatic aberration at the edges of your subjects. Essentially, you’re comparing a $600 lens to a $1,400 lens. The $600 lens is good, but the $1,400 lens is way better in overall performance. Here’s a DxO comparison chart between those two lenses.

  • Tara says:

    Thanks Dan. You’re review helped me in my thinking about these lenses. I appreciate the very practical advice. And yes, when I purchase, I’ll certainly consider BH first.

  • Dan says:

    Thanks for your comment Tara- glad to help!

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