• A great reminder, even for those of us who have made big changes and steered our lives in the direction we have chosen. Sometimes we still fall back into our old habits, the old paradigm of toiling away unnecessarily. We spend so much time at our computers, doing things because we have to earn a living. Of course, some of that is necessary, but it’s important to always be aware of it and maintain the balance to ensure you are still living the life you have chosen.

  • […] As my photographic journey continues, I’ve begun to follow a number of other photographer’s work and thoughts. Through both his blog and ebooks, Dan Bailey is one such photographer that I have followed. Dan is a professional outdoor, adventure, and travel photographer from Alaska. Recently, he made a post on his blog that moves far beyond photography. Here’s a brief sample from his post. The rest can be found on his blog: Create Your Own Paradigm In Life […]

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