• […] This past weekend was my 51st birthday, and I figured, what better way to celebrate than by doing a 100 mile fat bike winter endurance race here in Alaska and spending all day outside in the snow and cold? Being … Continue reading → […]

  • Stephen Balcao says:

    It was nice to see you out there Dan! Glad you pushed through to the end, you guys worked harder than anybody out there. Happy Trails!

  • Brian Jones says:

    Dan well done on the Susitna!!!!. It’s my 70th year this year and I’m scheduled to do a 100 mile road ride in the middle of May but went to pick up my new bike and have a fitting when I ‘decided’ to try and walk in my cycling shoes with cleats on a hard wooden floor. 6 weeks later and 3 broken ribs and a new bike in the garage waiting to be used I take heed from you that anything is possible if you try and want to succeed. Well done again and take care from a snowy south west Scotland, surprising what a wee dram of whisky does to speed up recovery. Regards, Brian.

  • Dan says:

    Thanks Stephen, it was quite the epic! It was great to ride with you for awhile during those couple miles before Five Star. After seeing all those bikes covered in snow at Eagle Quest Lodge, I wasn’t sure if you had kept going or if you were holed up in one of the cabins. I was glad to see that you had forged ahead and rode through the night. Crazy to think that we were together at the halfway point, but that I finished 14 hours after you did! 😀

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