• Brian Lackey says:

    Yeah, was was all ways skepticle of that statement. Real hard to get real shallow depth of field with an 18-55 3.5/5.6. Hence the purchase of my 50mm 1.4. Up next will be the Macro 100mm 2.8L. I just want to get even closer!

  • Holly says:

    Indeed, I’ve been saying this for a LONG time. You need a camera that can do what you want, but YOU make that camera work for you. Even entry level DSLR’s are powerful machines

  • Thanks Dan, it can’t be said enough, especially these days with all the new gadgets and digital what-nots that everyone seems to think they need. How did the masters ever get by without a GPS in their view cameras?!

  • I have to say for everyday and in most cases… any camera and lens combos, cheap or expensive, works for most shoots. There is still the 2-3% of photographs that you do need specialty equipment. Example: If you are an architectural photographer… you do need a full-frame and tilt-shift lens to get the correct look that architects wants in their photographs. They like 2-point perspective buildings compared to 3-point falling away shoots of their projects.

  • Rick says:

    Yeah yeah. So what do you think of that 5DmkIII coming out?

  • berit says:

    I have never learned how to take photos.. All I want is to capture the moment.. have fun.. that is what it´s all about.. and it makes me happy to read this post.. Thank you !!!

    ps! found your blog trough Alan on FB : )

  • Dan Bailey says:

    Rick, the 5DmkIII will make you a better photographer. You won’t be able to take any more good photos until you buy one and all of the brand new Canon accessories that come with it. 😉

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