• Dave Waddell says:

    Hey Dan, I always enjoy reading your posts, thanks for giving us readers an opportunity to share. My work is mainly general portraiture and wedding photojournalism in and around around the Philadelphia area. On the rare occasion that I have a free weekend I like to dabble with landscapes as well.

    Thanks again!

    -Dave Waddell

  • Tim Snow says:

    Hey All,
    My name is Tim, I am a Montreal Canada based photojournalist and Photography Inspirationalist. I love nothing more than photographing and sharing the stories of people around me. I also try to give back to the photo community as much as I can by speaking at photo clubs and through my blog and workshops ( and trying to share my passion with everyone I meet.

  • Chris Martin says:

    Hi Dan,

    I really enjoyed your 5 part series last week. Great ideas and concrete building blocks.

    I am a photographer based in Bragg Creek, Alberta. I mostly photograph nature and people. Although my wife would say I shoot anything that moves and most things that don’t. I am building my business right now and have not yet jumped in full time. That is on the one year horizon (give or take).

    webpage –
    blog –

    All the best to you.



  • Yes, congrats on the success of your blog. It gets beter all the time. Here is my Flickr site and my blog



  • Dan Bailey says:

    Dave- Very nice looking website. I LOVE the black and white shot of the pregnant couple on the covered bridge that scrolls on your home page. What a great feel! Good looking work!

    Oh yea, Tim, I visited your site earlier today on Twitter. Great looking imagery! Really dig the concert photos and your people work is very powerful and conceptual.

    Chris- I really like your Encounters on the Lake post. Beautiful imagery. Nice diversity of photography all over your site as well. Keep working at it!

    Patrick- AWESOME shot of the G.G. Bridge. In fact, your entire body of work is really outstanding!

    Andrew- Great eye! I love the diversity and quality of work! Great shot of the Starbucks cup-lots of nice landscapes and travel shots in your photo sets- You do really good closeup work.

  • Hi Dan,
    Congratulations on your 15 years, that is so excellent to see that it really can be done. I am a new reader having been introduced to your blog just last week when you had your series on how to become a pro. I am still reading through that and finding it very helpful. I am currently in software development and hoping to make a switch to a second career in photography. I am still in the planning stages figuring out what exactly the new business will be. So thank you for all your efforts, you are an inspiration.

    My website:
    My blog:


  • Chris Nitz says:

    Hello Dan,

    Congrats on 15 years of business. May you have many more years of fun, growth, and enjoyment! I am currently looking to find my way in this photography lifestyle. I was recently laid off and decided it was high time I follow my passion! Thank you so much for posting your how to be a photographer articles last week. These were of great value to me.

    My site:
    My images:

    Chris Nitz

  • Hi, I’m a eclectic photographer, whatever is in season so to speak. Thanks so much for your information and insights

  • Hi Dan,

    Thanks for a great site, here are some of my images:

    and Congrats on 15 years in business!
    Paul Grossmann

  • Hi Dan,

    Wanted to say thanks for the inspiration and the 5 part series on becoming a professional photographer. Just putting together a website/blog ect. Thanks for lighting my fire!

    My main interests right now are HDR and iPhone photography. I used to do a lot of rock climbing and mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada. Enjoying your Mountain adventures,

    All the best, and thanks again,



  • my flickr site didn’t post for some reason, so here is take two

  • Steve Cole says:

    Hi Dan,

    Recent Twitter follower & enjoyed your series last week about turning pro. I shoot nature / landscape photography in the northern & central Cascades in Washington State. I prefer to find & shoot little known spots as opposed to well-worn tripod locations.


    Thanks for the opportunity to publicize!


  • Dan, thanks for organizing this. You’re putting some great information out there.

    I usually concentrate on sports/adventure sports with a minor in both concert and architectural photography.

  • nate parker says:

    Awesome, show and tell! here is my flickr link to my maine landscape photos and nature shorts. thanks for the great content here and generously sharing your voluminous knowledge. this blog is Wicked good,i look everyday with coffee.

  • Hey Dan,

    Thanks for passing me your business card, I’ve been checking in on your site and blog ever since. Good stuff. Really enjoyed the five part series. Even though I have no aspirations to go pro, it was very insightful.

    I’m the guy you talked to while walking back from your shoot at the knoll on Middle Fork trail. You were taking shots of your SO jogging across the top in some great evening light. I hope she didn’t freeze her bare legs off!

    Thanks for the opportunity to post up a link. No website here, but here’s a link to a Vimeo slideshow I put together from the same Powerline Pass area. I made thirteen trips there in hopes of catching a couple bull moose sparring, and on my eleventh outing I got lucky. There’s a couple of short video clips weaved in, but it’s mostly stills.

    Great idea too. I’ve been following some of the links above, lots of talent out there.

  • Hi Dan:

    Great series of articles. What agency in Boston did you work with? I got my start managing a stock library as well.

    My web portfolio:

    Cheers & looking forward to reading & seeing more from you.

    – Gary

  • Ryan Krueger says:

    Hey Dan,

    Stumbled on your blog a few weeks back. You have some great insights into the business, very helpful. I look forward to reading more.

    My website:

    Cheers, Ryan

  • Dan Bailey says:

    Anne- You’re welcome- keep up the good work, you have a great eye and some beautiful work in your galleries. I love the Ocean in Motion series- very painterly.

    Chris- I’ve looked at your site before as well. Nice work. Best of luck with your photography career. Work hard, believe in yourself and don’t give up.

    Karen- wow, lots of variety in your galleries- You certainly keep busy! I like your flower color collections, I think your macro stuff is definitely your strongest work.

    Paul- Very nice environmental portraiture. I like the photo of the guy in the Champion tank- very well balanced and has a nice feel.

    Pat- Great variety in your stream as well. Great dancer photos and I really like the Madonnari detail shots.

    Steve- Really nice landscapes, I love the front approaching the Cougar Divide shot and also the fog and flowers shots. Keep it up!

    Brad- I’ve looked at your site, I remember the mountain biking and ZZ Top photos- Great work!

    Nate- Love the Acadia shots- Birches and Meadow, Sunrise @ Schooner Head, Bernard Mtn & Fall Birches- all great stuff! I spent a couple of foggy days there once.

    Randy- Nice to meet you as well. Nah my wife is tough as nails. She likes the cold. I’ll check out your moose video. I’ve been up there a few times recently, but havne’t seen many moose. I must scare them off. 😉

    Gary- I know I’ve seen your site before, beautiful work- your Rhododendron and Misty Redwoods image is top notch! Got my start with Light Sources Stock at 23 Drydock Ave.

    Ryan- AWESOME work!! Very inspiring, I loved looking at your stuff, you really get after it!

  • Hey all, I am new to the business and trying to get some feedback. Please check out my site and let me know what you like or dislike, and since you do not know me, please do not hesitate to be honest! I’d appreciate any criticism, praise or otherwise!

  • Jeff says:

    I appreciate your blog and all you are doing to help newbies like myself. Please, anyone feel free to send me feedback through the site.

    Jeff Reynolds

  • Marek says:

    I am a relatively new reader of you blog looking not only at pictures but also business aspects of photography.

    Here is one of my websites – Paddling with a Camera blog:

    I am making some money from microstock photography as a part time job, but those are quite different pictures.

  • thanks Dan! That guy was actually a very nice guy, though he could have ripped me apart easily i think. Thanks again for this site.

  • Dan Bailey says:

    Darren- LOVE the Tennessee Williams flower shot, really powerful! I like Button Man too great capture!

    Jeff- Really like the Bench Under the Tree shot with the sun poking through! Keep working at it, and really learn how to use light. Check out Bryan Peterson’s books if you get a chance. Remember, it’s a process and it just takes time and dedication to develop your skills.

    Marek- You certainly have a niche and good resource for boating photographers. Found your Horsetooth Reservoir posts- Ah, memories of home. Also, really nice shots of Fort Collins on your stock page!! Loved looking at them. Do we have friends in common?

  • VIctoria says:

    Whoa, Patrick – those GGB shots are breathtakingly beautiful!


  • Oh, almost forgot – here is my flickr:

    I’m particularly proud of the Afghanistan photographs.

  • Matt says:

    Hi Dan !
    Started reading your blog with your guide to starting a photography business. I have found your tips and posts to be extremely interesting and your photography refreshingly natural yet energetic. Great stuff !

    If you have time take a look at my flickr 🙂


  • Dan Bailey says:

    Victoria- Nice shots! I love the Venice collection, especially Silhouette and Hooping. I also like Stairway to Heaven and your Afghanistan portraits! Thanks for reading!

    Matt- My favorite shots in your collection are Disused Jetty and Colorful Boats. I’m not always a huge HDR fan, but that one has a nice artistic quality and it’s not overdone.

  • Dan. I am really enjoying your blogs and website. I have learnt a lot ! I mainly enjoy motorsport photography but will usually photo anything that looks interesting. I read with a lot of interest on going pro (but maybe that’s a pipe dream for now!) But i would love to find out how you can sell work that might be `sale-able !)

  • website now uploaded

  • Gnat says:

    Dan, been following you for a while after finding your name through Eric Parsons. My website is and I am a cycling photographer. My desire is to capture images that make people want to ride their bikes and explore. Oh…And my day job is at Salsa Cycles.

  • Hi,
    I’ve just started following your blog, but I love your images. Nature photography is a favorite subject of mine.

  • Henry Lee says:

    Hi, Dan. My name is Henry Lee and my current interests lie in travel, landscape, and architectural photography. While I’m late to the game, I found your post (in a list of previous entries), and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the work by your readers! At present, my photos are located at and I’m also looking forward to conversing with others here and there. Thanks!

  • Dan Bailey says:

    Adrian- Nice shots on your site! I love the Abdington Park tree shot- so simple, iconic and timeless!

    Gnat- I loved looking at the shots on your blog- they certainly made me want to ride my bike and explore more instead of sitting at my computer!! And great to see Eric’s bags in use afar. Say hi to Mike R. for me. Will you be up in ANC for the Mukluk event next week?

    Erin- Great variety of shots on your Flickr site- really nice flower work and I really like the images in your Around Town collection. Thanks for sharing.

  • adrian clifford says:

    Thanks Dan. I like that shot too. Took all of 10 seconds to set up ! Adrian

  • >