• silver price says:

    The name Scott Kelby and Photoshop are at this point nearly synonymous. My bookshelf wouldn’t hold all the books, DVDs, and other training materials Kelby and his team have published over the years. Kelby is also the President of NAPP. Heck, he may own NAPP for all I know – it’s sometimes hard for me to distinguish where one begins and the other ends. In any event, there are dozens and dozens of video courses which can be taken on – more are added every week. You have to purchase a subscription to access the courses either on a month to month basis at $24.99/month or a 12 month subscription for $199.00. NAPP members get a nice little break on the subscription rates – $19.00/month or $179.00/yr. For that price, you can access any of the training courses offered, as often as you’d like within your subscription period. Each class is about one and a half to two hours in length, and broken up into smaller topics of no more than 10-15 minutes. Which makes it very convenient to watch the courses all at once, or a little bit at a time, as time permits. The courses are transmitted via streaming video to your browser – it was very fast and very high quality, so long as you’ve got a good high speed internet connection.

  • Ade Marsh says:

    Yes what you say is all true. Online photographic study courses are far cheaper, more flexible and easier to work around busy lives that a traditional degree or other qualification course that you attend physically. Not only that but they usually offer the same level of motivational support by way of one-to one tutoring for the duration of the course-up to 2 years.

  • christopher says:

    yes, on-line photography courses are great for self-motivated individuals who want to learn new skills and advance their careers without dropping their commitment to their job.

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    Terry Bourk

    I have read you new book “Behind the Landscape.” I could not “put it down” meaning that I kept at it because each photo you presented/analyzed was interesting and informative. I am trying to develop an eye for composition (both the scene and the light).

    Thank you! The examples you present and the suggestions are very helpful. Purple Mountains, McKinley River and Wonder Lake are fascinating.

    Roger Sinclair

    You have done it again! Another triumph.

    Your generosity to share, the clarity of thought and concise explanation thereof is brilliant. Perhaps I should also mention the beautiful photos and the talent necessary to produce them.

    Thank you, Dan.