• Stephen says:

    Yes yes, ive just moved up from compact cameras, so i shoot with the big boys know.

  • Bret Edge says:

    I would add “I’ve got soooooo much money!”

  • David Taylor says:

    “Yes, I do have a really nice camera. That’s good because it does all the work for me.”

    “I’d be happy to lower my prices, and go back to flipping burgers.”

    “No thanks, National Geographic, I have too much work to do already.”

  • Rick says:

    “You know, I think I’ll trade this full frame camera in for a 1.6 crop.”

  • Ha Ha! Love keywording… yeah, not EVER gonna hear me saying that one for sure! 🙂

  • Jimbo says:

    Sure you can go ahead and take photos right next to me with your giant professional-grade camera… it’s not like I’m trying to sell these or anything!

  • @photogoofer says:

    Actually, I say #11 quite a bit. I shoot sports and it’s the great big soff-box-in-the-sky. Makes things soooo much better. I can see faces!

  • Marc G.C. says:

    Great sentece number 8! Ok, keyworking is important and you really need to do it. However, I really hate it!

  • Melissa says:

    I just said number 11 on Wednesday! Just as long as its not raining with that overcast.

  • While I’m concentrating on making a masterpiece, feel free to ask me as many inane questions as you like.

  • Darrell Parks says:

    sue me for divorce if you want, being a photographer, I know the judge will side with me.

  • Tom Olkowski says:

    I really don’t have the time for that shot today. Besides it’ll be here tomorrow.

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