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  • […] On Monday morning, eager to start downloading my photos, I popped open my memory card case, and found myself staring at a missing slot. One of my cards was missing, and I quickly deduced that it was the one with all the cool glacier and northern lights photos. Somehow, I’d dropped it out there in the backcountry, somewhere during our last day riding out from the glacier. In all my years as a photographer, I’ve never lost a card on location. And of all the cards, that was a really bad card to lose. Fortunately, I was able to go back and find the card and thus rescue all those glacier and norther lights photos, many of which you just saw. You can read all about my total freakout and see how I actually recovered the card in this blog post. […]

  • Joe says:

    Awesome! Similar thing happened to me to car keys that I dropped in a river. Except it didn’t involve a yellow Cessna.

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