• JBR says:

    Hi Dan:

    Thanks for taking me along on the glacial hike. I love those patterns on the rocks and ice toward the end.

    Can you just “park” an airplane in an unspecified open space or do you have to have a special clearance to do so?

    How far away was that glacier from where you took off?

    ALSO…liked the bear tracks at the beginning!

    Thanks again!

    Jeff Ross

  • Dan says:

    Hi Jeff, thanks for your comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the glacier video, and I think those were moose tracks in the soft ground, although I have seen bear tracks out there as well. And it was about a 3-4 mile hike from the plane to the first view of the ice. I think I ended up hiking about 11 miles that day. Those mud covered rocks were pretty cool indeed! They were all situated in the top of a gully that obviously sees muddy overflow in the springtime when the glacier melt and rivers are running high. Fortunately, it was totally dry when I was in there.

    Yes, essentially I can land anywhere out on those gravel bars, providing I can spot a suitable patch of ground from the air. There’s nothing special I have to do, it really is pretty free and open. I can land, park the plane and go hiking for as long as I want. There are rules, though. I can’t land in state or national parks, designated Wilderness areas or on private land. Most of these glaciers are located in the Chugach National Forest and that area is open to private aircraft operations.

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