• Rick says:

    $2500? No problem. I’ll take the Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8 L IS please. I’ve already got the f/4 non-IS version of this lens, but extra stop of light and IS would come in so handy.

  • Steve says:

    Fuji X-E1 with the 18-55, 14mm and 60 macro.

  • Eduardo says:

    I would upgrade to a Nikon d800, and invest in a tripod, several books and maybe a backpack since I travel a lot!

  • Joe S says:

    Since it is not enough for the 600VR, Next on my list would be a Nikkor 200mm macro. I would use the remaining money towards upgrading to CS6 and upgrading my Color Efex Pro

  • Lynn Rogers says:

    I know I’m late to this game, but as I’m new to your site ( which I love, by the way) I thought I would add my wish list. What I really want is a second camera body to supplement my Nikon D800. My dream second camera hasnt been made yet. In fact it may never be made. I’m still waiting for a “D400” with high frame rate, excellent in low light, preferably only 16 megapixels (not going to happen – sigh), and 9 brackets. Neither the D7000 or D600 quite fit what I’m looking for. But I can still dream.

  • Dan Bailey says:

    Lynn, I’m still waiting for my dream camera, as well. I was hoping that the D800 would fit that bill, and if they had made it 24MP with 6 fps, it would have been perfect in my mind. Oh well. We’ll have to keep dreaming. As far as a backup to the D800, I would think that a D600 would be the best choice. What about that camera doesn’t quite fit your needs as a D800 backup?

  • Lynn Rogers says:

    Hi, Dan. Although I knew I was taking a chance, I was hoping the D800 would be two cameras in one for me – a full frame landscape camera and a 15+ mp handholdable DX for snapping shots of my grandkids, dog, backyard birds, etc. Actually, with the added battery grip giving me 6fps in DX mode, it’s pretty close. But then it’s larger and heavier than I like.

    The D600 sounds really great, but as wonderful as 24 mp sounds, I just don’t need that many mps for my runaround camera, I worry that so many megapixels would make handholding more difficult than say 16 mps, and my brand new MacBook Pro protests over huge file sizes. In addition I think I would miss the 51 AF points of my D800 and former D300. I know I would miss the option of being able to shoot (occasionally) 7 to 9 bracketed shots for HDR.. Actually, I miss my D300! That sounds like heresy from a D800 shooter doesn’t it? For now i think the D800 as a two-in-one camera is the best option for me. But I’m still dreaming. : )

  • Sonia Crespo says:

    $2500?? Easy: Zeiss 21mm ($1843) + Canon EF 70-300 ($649) = $2492
    Why? Actually the max focal I have is 105 (Canon 24-105), and I’d like to have more (I’ve bought the Canon 6D just a month ago and the teles I have are EFS mount, so I can’t use it on the 6D).
    And the 21mm Zeis…… well, I love wide-angle lenses… and I think Zeiss are the best lenses in the market. The 15mm is very expensive, and I prefer the 21mm than the 18mm.

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