• Mike Riemer says:

    Ive been reading all your pack reviews for the past few months. I would use this pack for 2 – 3 night ultralight backpacking trips…with the addition of non-ultra lite DSLR and lenses. The outdoors is what I like to shoot.

  • I would use it as my day pack on mountains! A bag like this missed me on the Kilimanjaro or Mount Elbrus, Aconcagua is next on the list, I would make a really good use of it! 🙂

  • kylewith says:

    I’d use the Rover Pro AW to explore the Northwest Territories and capture all the beauty that people rarely see, like the mountains in the MacKenzie Delta, or the Barrenland north of the treeline or the dried up lakes in the South Slave.

  • pedro says:

    i would use this pack for light backpacking trips. i often go on day hikes and need a pack that can carry more stuff!!!

  • Dwight says:

    A beginner to photography but avid outdoors-men. Would use this pack to bring the Great-northwest to others!

  • Rob Truax says:

    I live in Montana, surrounded by beauty and wildlife. I hike frequently, but find that I have to carry around a separate pack for my camera because it doesn’t sit safely in my normal hiking bag. There have even been a few times it has been left at home because the adventure we’ve decided to take that day could potentially be dangerous for my equipment.

    If I were to win this supreme bag, I would take it all across this glorious state of mine, and document the beauty of this landscape. A whole new world of adventurous photography would be at my fingertips safely secured on my back!

  • Vadim Kroukhmaliov says:

    I would load it up with portable lighting gear, few fast lenses and couple of reflectors and
    plenty of clothes and props in order to get out and make a perfect autumn shootout set to my newborn baby 🙂

  • Ron Gleason says:

    I would use the Rover Pro AW to carry my just ordered Nikon CP7700, tripod and poles as I explore the mountains of Northern UT. Been looking for a pack like this to carry camera equipment and light hiking/survival gear. Will test it to see if it can carry ski’s for when we go back country skiing. Thanks

  • Mike Schulz says:

    I would use the Rover Pro AW on a excursion with my fiance. We are looking for an outdoor location for our wedding and what better way to “research” then by loading up our gear and having some fun.

  • Zack W says:

    Cool giveaway, thanks for doing it! I would love to finally have a bag that can fit everything I need for a spontaneous adventure

  • Bryan R Queen says:

    I would use this whenever I could. I use an old rucksack at the moment and chuck all my gear in together with my lunch and binoculars etc. This would be ideal for all my photographic outings and it would make my life a lot easier, and prevent any more damage to my kit ;O)

  • Louis Gosselin says:

    I would love having one of those Lowepro Rover Pro 35L AW before my retirement (very soon). I would be able to plan few trip outdoors. It would be the beginning of a new life with all my photography gear. Can wait to be outdoors.

  • Gary Ngo says:

    It will be a perfect bag for my upcoming photo trip to the Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge! 🙂

  • Chris Tuma says:

    That wonderful backpack would be a wonderful replacement for my over-worked bag. A new pack equals new adventures.

  • Rey Samson says:

    Since I don’t really go hiking, I’ll use this in the urban jungle where it’s nice to go around shooting. The rugged design is perfect for the hustle and bustle of the city, and it would be tough enough to prevent those nasty pick pockets from skilfully looting my gear in broad daylight. So this would serve me better in the urban jungle than in the wilderness. I live in Manila btw. Cheers! (^_^)

  • Chris Nitz says:

    So here is the deal on why I NEED the Rover Pro. The zombies are coming and I believe we can all agree that this time is just going to suck for all of us. This is where the Rover Pro 35L AW comes to the rescue. Not only can I lug around my camera gear, and a few toy figures for added humor, documenting the unspeakable atrocities that we will fight as a human species, but as we all learned from Zombieland, this pack will keep the last box of Twinkies dry and safe for when Tallahassee comes and saves my but from being converted into a Zombie Happy Meal. I’ll even have room for clean britches, a roll of toilet paper, and my X10 that doubles as a zombie defensive weapon, as you well know from the durable construction of this camera.

    That sir, is why I need this bag!

  • Kaddy Tsang says:

    A beginner to photography but love outdoor. Would use this pack to Adirondacks and Vermont.

  • Don Huff says:

    I would use it on trips into the Missouri Ozarks.

  • I would use this pack to give to my husband so he might change his mind about carrying my photo equipment for me!! 🙂

  • Matt Everett says:

    Living within an hour of the Great Smoky Mountains, I can foresee this pack getting a lot of use carrying all my gear for some nice weekend trips in the mountains. I’ve got all the stuff to fill it, now I just need the bag.

  • Gary Rosen says:

    Well, I really am looking for a great backpack to use for our hiking adventures. Am just getting into the serious end of photography and am starting to hike and shoot more and need a comfy and practical backpack to carry my necessities. I don’t hike to glamorous places, mostly within my own province of Ontario, and love to hike to waterfalls. Also would make a great birthday gift for my day on Oct 27. wink wink nudge nudge. Happy thanksgiving to my fellow canucks.

  • Martha McCullough says:

    Finally I could consolidate into one great pack with things easily accessible….ahhhhhhh

  • M.Krueger says:

    Usually I transport all of my gear in a Lowepro Vertex 200AW, but this great backpack was destroyed a few month ago in a fire that also destroys our house. To go out in the woods with my family to take some nature or portrait shots, I need a new backback to carry most of my photo gear and even some cookies for my little son 😉 It ist important that I don’t have to worry about my backpack so the Rover Pro AW 35l would be just perfect.

  • steve says:

    That would be a great addition to my Mountain biking and hiking trips here in the Pacific N.N.I would be able to take all my Canon Gear. It would be a great upgrade from my lowe pro sling bag

  • James Lee says:

    Would love to have this bag for day hike in the white mountains, New Hampshire. The PhotoSport 200 AW is too small to put in jackets and other essential outdoor tools, this bag would be perfect from your review of the bag!

  • Greg Maino says:

    How would I use this pack… for adventuring! I can’t say that I have anything in particular in mind… my next trip to the Adirondacks or White Mountains… who knows. Each weekend brings something new.

    For a better idea check out my website – – or my portfolio on 500px to see what I’m all about –

  • Robert says:

    I’d use it on my hikes,weekend hikes and snowshoeing in winter thru great Canadian wilderness.

  • Rick says:

    I live in and photograph the Inland Pacific Northwest. It seems like everything I’m doing is more prosumer oriented these days, from my acquisition of a 5DmkII to L lenses to my ultimate measuring stick, my landscape photography itself. Getting up and down these hills can be quite a battle. My Canon black-and-olive-green bag just isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s definitely not of the ‘prosumer’ variety. I need something I can keep with me on longer treks in the mountains, up the creeks, and through the sagebrush, and this LowePro bag is exactly what I need. I’m trying not to beg, but…I’m begging.

    Thanks Dan.

  • ryan greeff says:

    I’d give it to my little sister. She takes beautiful, creative photo’s but can’t always afford the nice gear.

  • Steve says:

    I’d use it to carry my camera gear to the summits of the mountains in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The extra space would allow me to have the camping gear necessary to be there to capture sunrise and sunset at each of the great vistas in the park.

  • J.D. says:

    This looks like a really cool day/overnight pack. I would use this pack for short day trips out into the Big Bend and points south. The integration of camera insert and tradition back pack is a great idea, besides it’s my favorite color.

  • Simon says:

    I would use this for my rock climbing photographer in the backcountry which i can’t currently take all i want with safely.

  • Priyank Jha says:

    Hello Dan,
    Im an ameteure, I love to rome all over the India to capture moments, you know India is the land of everything you will find sea shore,desert, mountains( The great Himalaya) , snow , waterfall everything, I think This piece of monster will provide me great flexibility in my tour so that I can reveal some of the secrets of this holy land and ofcourse of all the world will appriciate and it will help other photographers, to understand better about this land and of course they would also include this land in thier upcoming photo tours, even you would be delighted to watch those pictures( I dunno wheather you ever came down here or not)
    I hope you will atleast read this…..
    Thank you
    Keep on shooting….

  • Andi says:

    I’m going on a trip to new zealand next feburary and i need a awesome hiking/biking/running backpack like this one. I already some lowepro gear and this would fill up the sport section hole 😀 –
    AWESOME! 😉

  • R. R. says:

    Interesting pack. I’d use the pack for Eastern Sierra and White Mountain hiking, making photographs to share with family, friends, and colleagues.

  • Dan, I am an up and coming photographer who could use a break. I am planning my first trip out west next year, and I need this pack. I currently have an old Rover AW II, and it just won’t cut it for this trip. You’ve been where I’m at before. Can ya help a photog out? 😉

  • Hey Dan,

    I’d use that pack on my next climbing trip to the Red River Gorge in KY, or maybe a cyclecross race in a couple weeks, or maybe the upcoming backpacking trip or who knows, I might get crazy and use it to carry my gear to my daughter’s next field hockey game. Either way, I have a lot of uses for such a great bag.

  • Victor says:

    I would use this pack to carry even more camera gear that I shouldn’t be buying!

  • Brian O says:

    This bag is a perfect match for my plan to photograph the sunrise on the north rim of the grand canyon and the sunset from the south rim on the same day. Rim to rim baby. Your reviews are excellent.

  • Dustin says:

    I have been looking for a mid-sized camera bag/backpack to finally take my photography into the great outdoors! I’ve tried wrapping my camera and lenses in jackets and tshirts to protect them, but having a designated camera compartment is just what I need. Thanks for hosting such a great contest!

  • Schmidty says:

    I would love to win this wonderful pack for my daughter, an avid hiker and wilderness outdoorswoman.

  • Drema Morgan says:

    Would use this pack for some back country hiking and or an extensive day hike .. Love LowePro bags!

  • Thomas Hilal says:

    I would use the Rover 35 Pro on several upcoming trips I have planned (Yosemite, SEA, Hawaii) It would be perfect for my camera gear, video accessories and personal items that I use throught the day.

  • Adam Baker says:

    I’d use the Rover 35 Pro to expand my range when I venture into the backcountry. I want to start doing more overnight trips and this sounds like the perfect piece of gear to get me started!

  • The Lowepro Rover Pro 35L AW would be a great pack for ski treks and hiking. Love it.

  • Lane Luper says:

    If i won the lowepro rover pro i would most likely get out of my house more often. I tend to not bring my camera with me when i leave to go anywhere because i dont have a way of protecting it. plus im consistently losing lens caps whenever i try and put it just in a backpack. id really dig getting out with my camera more often.

  • Eduardo De La Cruz Jr says:

    This looks like an amazing bag, I have slowly started to get interested in more than just click and shoot. I have been to Europe three times and each time I try to learn a new way of taking pictures or upgrading to a better camera. My next adventure is to Patagonia and the Lake District of Chile. This bag looks perfect, much better than my small pouch. The upgrade for this trip is a new tripod that will help me take much better macro picks and cleaner sharper landscape pictures. This bag looks perfect. It can hold my tripod, camera gear, filters, and even a sweater and rain jacket. With the conversion to a day pack through the city of Santiago this just might be the all time best bag for me. Might be time to upgrade to a new bag!!

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    "Thank you for keeping me posted. Getting inspired is one of the best feelings, it fuels my creativity! Can't wait for your next newsletter!"     - Drea L.

    Thank you for keeping me posted. Getting inspired is one of the best feelings, it fuels my creativity! Can't wait for your next newsletter!"     - Drea